What are the best free education sites

The most relevant training. Free educational programs and courses on the Internet for training

In the modern world - the world of scientific and technological progress - training on the Internet has become a worthy competitor to the traditional acquisition of knowledge in universities and colleges. And this is not surprising, because such a form of education has many other advantages, including the lack of compulsory payment for the work of teachers. But there are other positive aspects of free online courses as well. If you know which ones, you should probably try this training method yourself.

Briefly about the advantages of studying on the Internet

Many people believe that only a personal visit to a school or university can give them real hope of successful future employment. This is a common belief that has not been confirmed today. Free distance learning is in no way inferior to attending classes, as after passing a course with virtual lectures, a person can also receive a certificate or diploma showing what level of knowledge they have been assigned.

Much can be said about the benefits of learning on the internet, but the matter requires specifics. The main advantages of such classes are taken into account:

  • Absolute freedom of choice. Are you studying at a school or institute where you are forced to study many subjects that you think are unnecessary? And your dream is to learn perfect English and go live in England? Do not despair! From the list of self-education websites, which is shown a little lower, you are sure to find one that gives you what you really need.
  • The unpunished ability to make mistakes. If you make inaccuracies or mistakes, you can be sure that no one will take you to the dean or director for a long and drawn-out lecture on life. The oversight is your experience, none of the teachers who conduct training on the internet have the right to report or scold you, and you yourself will learn to avoid making mistakes in the future because it was your personal bitter experience.
  • The ability to refuse the services of an online teacher without any financial loss. Agree, this is very important, because at the institute that refuses to study, no one will return your money. Everything is much easier on the internet as the free online training gives you the chance to quit at any time without losing any money. The situations in life are different, so no one in the virtual world will judge you for your decision.

The last and probably most important aspect: after completing the free distance learning courses, you will receive a diploma or certificate indicating your area of ​​specialization, as well as the level of knowledge acquired. With a "crust" like this, you may be able to attend a prestigious university or offer your services to potential employers when you reach the age of the majority. Therefore, before being skeptical of any similar method of obtaining additional knowledge, you should carefully consider its benefits. Maybe that's exactly what you need.

TOP 15 best websites for self-study

Free courses on the Internet are held on special resources on which highly qualified and skilled professionals work. Needless to say, these people decided to only teach online because they can't find work in the real world or have already lost it for some reason.

General online courses

Today, many world-famous institutes conduct distance learning for students and applicants free of charge. This is mainly due to their desire to attract streams of talented and capable students who will continue to glorify this or that educational institution in the future.

The most popular and sought-after online resources that offer their teaching services are:

  1. If you want to deepen your knowledge on specific subjects from the curriculum, all you have to do is register for free and take online courses on the website www. University. ru. You will certainly find a lot of useful and necessary information here, especially if there is no possibility or no desire to hire a tutor. In addition, parents are often enrolled in such courses by their parents who want to keep up with the curriculum even during vacation / quarantine etc.
  2. You can improve your English skills on the website www. bellenglish. com. Here you can receive distance learning by completing oral or written assignments, as well as listening to the recordings made with the participation of native speakers of the foreign language studied. Even young children can be engaged - there are a huge number of different games for them in English or another language, but it's no secret that learning in one game form is much easier.
  3. One of the most famous and popular websites that offer free education on the internet is www. study. ru. With the help of this resource, you can learn various foreign languages ​​without wasting time and money traveling to tutors.
  4. Unfortunately, despite the great desire to learn a foreign language, many people are not very well educated in their mother tongue. To fix this, you can take online distance learning courses for free. www. my language. ru. Such classes will help you quickly master the rules of grammar, spelling and pronunciation of Russian words and phrases. If you have no problems with the language but still want to improve your knowledge, this resource is an excellent assistant for you to help you achieve your goal.
  5. Would you like to receive a prestigious apprenticeship abroad, but do not have the financial means to travel outside of your home country? No need to go anywhere. For curious students, a renowned professor at Stanford University and competent programmers have created a huge educational platform called www.7. udacity. com. This resource works closely with the largest internet companies in the world and is ready to provide their students with a knowledge base in areas completely closed to normal users of the World Wide Web. This is one of the most popular educational sites to date. However, it is not that simple. This type of free distance learning over the Internet is only suitable for people who already have a background in engineering, Internet technologies, or economics. Beginners will have a very difficult time, so they should be well prepared first.
  6. Online training is absolutely free on the website. www. Edx. org. This project has no commercial basis. It was created so that people could educate themselves on the Internet without searching for information in libraries and various websites. The professors who developed this free distance learning website collected materials from various branches of science in a huge library. You can find out more about the following topics:
    • electronics;
    • internet technologies;
    • artificial intelligence;
    • chemistry etc.

    It's important to note that according to people trained in EDX, this is one of the best educational sites that can provide you with comprehensive answers to all of your questions.

  7. The internet portal is no less popular. www. udemy. com. This resource offers both free and paid online training courses. It all depends on which direction you have chosen. Here you can study almost all school subjects at an advanced level. To take the course, a prospective student should be patient, enthusiastic and gather strength as no one promises it will be easy.
  8. Free education can also be obtained on the portal www. arzamas. academy/ courses. This is a relatively new Russian distance learning project where you will find tons of interesting and useful lectures on completely different topics.
  9. Another useful page for self development is www. lectorium. TV. Here you can not only perform interesting tasks, but also watch videos, the total duration of which is almost 4000 hours.
  10. If you like cars or design, the website is the best option for you www. university. com. You can find lots of fun and useful lectures here to help you gain the knowledge necessary to do what you love.
  11. Do you like developing yourself? Then the portal www. samopoznanie. ru will be your great helper. Especially for its visitors, this resource offers a course with webinars and training that will help you acquire all the skills you need.

Business and information technology

  • If you have always dreamed of becoming a private entrepreneur, a respected businessman and the owner of your own business, you have a real chance of making your beloved dream come true. This will help the website www. business learning. ru. Here you not only get a good education via the Internet, but you can also determine exactly in which direction you want to develop. For those who want to study everything related to management, finance, the basics of office work, and other business areas, special free online courses are offered. After passing it, you definitely need to take a test to find out how well prepared you are for the next type of activity. If necessary, you can take a repeated training course to achieve the desired result and achieve the required level of education.
  • For people who work in the field of computer technology and want to make good money, free online training on the website is perfect www.intuit.ru. The resource has more than 200 different training programs aimed at a thorough and thorough study of all types of modern information technology. This will give you all the necessary knowledge in the field of web design, management, historical facts about the development of the economy of Russia and other countries in the world, as well as a lot of other interesting and useful information. After completing the training, you will need to pass a test that will help you understand the level of knowledge in the industry you have chosen. www.intuit.ru - A website that offers free online courses with the compulsory issue of a certificate. Therefore, the time spent studying will certainly pay off in the future.
  • For lovers of programming and internet technologies there are www. top expert. professional. This website will give you a good knowledge base in different areas of internet marketing.
  • For people interested in creating websites and promoting them, there is no need to visit the portal www. techdays. ru. The information provided on it will help you understand what to do in a given situation so that your business will not only bring success but also good profit.

People who are not used to sitting in one place, being active, and also dreaming of learning something new and interesting, have a good opportunity to make their dream come true. Many of the above websites offer their customers free courses online guaranteeing the mandatory receipt of a certificate. It will make you feel more confident and self-confidence is one of the main keys to success.

That is all for me. Leave your comments. Talk about online courses that you have been through and they have been useful to you.

The most profitable human investment in the 21st century is personal education.

Education plays one of the most important roles in human life. Without constant self-education it is difficult today to achieve success in work and career and to achieve an adequate quality of life.

Modern knowledge enables you to apply for a higher position and a higher salary or to have advantages in finding a job in a reputable company.
With regular exercise, you can develop almost any talent or ability.

This review brings you the internet's best free self-paced educational resources for you.

Today we're going to focus on broad resources where courses can be found:
- in various academic disciplines: from computer science to psychology;
- for training in professional skills;
- develop personal effectiveness and growth;
- training and retraining;
- and many other courses.

Online resources for online education (distance learning)

EduMarket.Ru (Company LLC "EduMarket")

Aggregator of training programs and educational institutions.
No. 1 portal in the professional development market. Unique services for those who want to study and improve their professional level. More than 20,000 relevant events from 5,700 training companies.
There are currently over 1200 free courses.

A short list of areas where you can find free courses:
- Management, management, commercial training;
- Accounting, economics, finance, auditing;
- Personal skills, growth and career;
- Human resources, human resource management, human resources;
- Marketing, advertising, PR;
- Small business management, entrepreneurship;
- Foreign languages;
- Sale, distribution, sale;
- Education, coaching, trainer skills;
- young professionals and young people;
- construction and architecture;
- jurisprudence, law;
- psychology;
- IT: For programmers and IT professionals;
- IT: Information systems: ERP, CRM, 1C;
- IT: application programs for various specialists;
- work qualifications;
- banks, loans, investments;
- Consulting and business process development.

Coursera educational platform

Format:courses, webinars
Level:from beginner to advanced
Course topics: Science, business, hobbies, personal effectiveness.
Costs: is free

Coursera is an educational platform and offers free online courses for anyone who wants to acquire additional knowledge. The project partners are top universities (Stanford, Wharton, Princeton and other major). They offer free training on a variety of topics, from the humanities and science to business and personal effectiveness.
Coursera started in April 2012 and has already passed the 1 million student mark. It now includes more than 1400 courses from 136 universities worldwide.
There is an opportunity to receive international certificates and certificates from these universities during the course.

Here is a short list of startup programs in the near future:

The University of California, Irvine High Performance Business Writing course begins on November 14th.

On November 30, 2015, the University of California, San Diego will begin the course “Learning to Learn: Powerful Mental Tools That Can Help You Overcome Complex Challenges”.

University of Michigan programming courses will be held soon.


Format: Courses, video lectures
Level: Basic to advanced
Course topics:
Costs: is free
The Universarium is an open system of electronic education that offers free educational programs from the best universities and teachers in the country.

Project task:
Providing an opportunity for millions of Russian citizens to receive quality education from the best Russian teachers and leading universities.

Goal of the project:
1. Creation of an inter-university network platform that offers end users of educational services free encyclopedic pre-profile training and targeted profile training.
2. Ensuring dominance in the electronic part of the Russian educational space of leading Russian universities with the aim of educating and retaining thinking and interested staff for Russian industry and economy.
3. The training is based on the sequential implementation of 7 to 10-week course modules, depending on the complexity of the program. Each module consists of a video lecture, independent work, homework, additional literature and tests. It is noteworthy that not only teachers but also other students check their homework and thus improve their knowledge. Nobody is disqualified for test failure - this is just a self-test.

The subjects of the courses are extensive: humanities, electronics, programming, marketing, management and so on.You can register for several at the same time.

Lecture hall. Educational project

Format: Courses, video lectures
Level: from introductory to advanced
Course topics: studied in basic disciplines at Russian universities
Costs: is free

New generation educational courses (Massive Open Online Course) specially prepared for online education by leading Russian universities. MOOC is characterized by short videos, interesting assignments and, of course, lively communication between teachers and students.

An academic education project that has collected video lectures from Russia's best lecturers and published extensive online open courses. The difference between the former and the latter is mainly in the timing. Lectorium has more than 20 partners creating online courses for leading Russian universities.
Over 4,000 hours of video are available on the website. There are courses for pupils and applicants, for students and for professionals who want to improve their qualifications. Access to online courses is free, unlike full-time programs. Tests are usually expected at the end of each training week and at the end of the entire course.

National open educational platform

Level: base
Course topics: studied in basic disciplines at Russian universities
Costs: is free

"Open Education" is a modern educational platform that offers online courses in basic disciplines that are studied at Russian universities. The platform was created by the National Platform Association Open Education ”, established by leading universities - Moscow State University, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg State University, National Research University“ MISiS ”, NRU“ School of Economics “, The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, the UrFU and the ITMO.

All courses published on the platform are available free of charge and without any formal requirements for basic training. For those who wish to take the completed online course while mastering the educational program for students or professionals, the University of Russia offers the unique opportunity to receive verified certificates. A certificate can be obtained provided that the control measures of the online course with identification of the student and control of the conditions for its passing are passed.

Higher education for everyone, everywhere
Access to high quality higher education for all citizens of the Russian Federation without formal (transfer of USE), territorial and financial restrictions. The possibility of mastering the content of bachelor's degree programs and, in the future, of master’s degree programs for everyone.

Opportunity to start a course at your university
A new element of the Russian education system - open online courses - can be reread by any university. We're making this a real practice and pushing the boundaries of education for every student.

Complete courses from leading universities
We work systematically to create courses for the basic part of all preparatory areas and offer a convenient and advantageous integration of the course into our educational programs for each university.

Yandex.ru free educational project: Yandex Academy.

Format: Courses, webinars
Level: from beginner to advanced
Course topics: Internet technologies
Costs: is free

Anyone interested in modern internet technologies is recommended to take part in further training at the Yandex Academy. Here you can find courses on web programming, web design, SEO advertising, internet marketing, internet project management, information technology for system administrators and many others.

Yandex School of Managers
A school for undergraduate, graduate and graduate students from universities who want to become managers of internet projects but have not yet gained enough experience.

School of Webmasters.
At the school of webmasters, experts from different areas of the internet industry share their experiences and talk about the most important phases of creating, developing and promoting the website.

Yandex programming school.
The students at the school learn programming algorithms (Python, C ++), learn to develop highly loaded services and work with databases.

Internet Marketing School
The school is aimed at online marketers and brand managers.

And many other courses for high school students, college students and young professionals. A full list of educational projects can be found on the akademy.yandex.ru website


Format: Courses, presentations, video lectures
Level: Basic to advanced
Course topics:
Costs: free, paid, subscription

"Netology" is an educational project created by Internet Marketing Practitioners with the aim of transferring knowledge and developing the skills necessary to work in advertising and promoting the Web to a wide range by specialists who have mastered the internet space.

"Netologiya" seminars and training courses are aimed at owners of their own businesses, marketers, brand managers, product managers, PR service personnel and other specialists whose direct responsibility is to ensure the effective presence of the brand on the Internet.

The library currently offers 138 courses in marketing, management, social networks, copywriting, web design, web analysis, SEO, etc. (19 directions in total) with various levels of difficulty - from easy to advanced.

Teachers are well-known people in Runet, professionals in their field. The educational spectrum of "Netology" is quite extensive. From time to time there are also courses for those learning to create websites.

In particular, Netologiya has a lot of courses on marketing and management, e-commerce, social networks and web design. Many courses are paid for, but there is a subscription system for thirsty knowledge. At the end of the course you can get a diploma confirming the passage.

Loaner grand piano

Format: Courses
Level: from introduction to basic training
Course topics:business, design, photography, programming, personal effectiveness and development, etc.
Costs: free and paid; depends on the course; a batch system is in operation;

The LendWings platform is a project by Modern Training Technologies, which aims to develop high-quality training courses and programs. The resource provides training materials on business, design, photography, programming, personal effectiveness and development, and other disciplines.
There is free content and paid courses can be purchased in packages (multiple parts at the same time within the same subject). On the course page, not only can you find out what it is about, but you can also read what other users think of its usefulness. After completing the course, students receive certificates.

Theories and Practices of Moscow

Format: Courses, video lectures
Level: from introductory to advanced
Course topics:
Costs: free and paid

Theories and Practices is a platform for knowledge exchange. We create an environment for those who seek knowledge and want to share it.
T & P brings people and institutions together through educational events. Thousands of organizers add information to their lectures, master classes, courses and conferences in all fields of knowledge daily.

We want people to have the opportunity to build their education based on needs, curiosity and a desire to learn something new. We create an environment where everyone can teach and learn, and a place where you can and should think.

Now T&P is helping to build online communities with inspiring ideas and enabling talents to find opportunities for self-fulfillment - and thus develop a knowledge-based economy.

A platform for those who seek and share knowledge. Thats how it works. Organizers add information about the lectures, masterclasses and conferences they oversee to the website. And residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg will find interesting events for themselves and attend them. But T&P is also an online community. In the video section you will find lecture materials on design, art, economics, humanities and technical sciences. All videos are accompanied by an introductory description and are free.

Project opportunities: vacancies, volunteer programs, money for projects, competitions, tuition fees, residencies, internships.


Format: Courses
Level: from easy to advanced
Course topics: Business, design, art, science, technology, psychology, etc.
Costs: free and paid (the cost depends on the program and the university)

The online learning platform in cooperation with leading Russian universities: MGIMO, MSE MSU, IBA, RANEPA - a total of 10 higher education institutions. The project's mission is to "increase the competitiveness of Russian education in a dynamically developing and changing world and to respond objectively to the market demands of employers".

The focus is not on individual video presentations, but on programs. Upon graduation, you can either receive a diploma from the organizing university (retraining certificate if the program was aimed at improving professional knowledge) or an electronic “Uniweb Rating” document, or both. There are currently 73 training programs declared in the resource. The prices for them vary based on the university's reputation, length of training, and other factors.


Format:text lectures, tests on the assimilation of material.
Level: from simple to detailed.
Course topics: Science, economy
Costs: is free

The system of distance learning education and medium-sized companies.

The system of distance learning education (SDBO) offers the possibility to improve qualifications in the field of entrepreneurship free of charge anytime and anywhere in one place with internet access.

The SDBO is a joint project of the Alliance Media National Business Partnership, the International Institute of Management LINK, which was founded in 2000 with the support of the Moscow government.

In the RBS there are 104 modules for courses:
1. The basics of entrepreneurship
2. Strategy for the business
3. Competitiveness
4. Economy
5. Management
6. Human resource management
7. Practice of entrepreneurship
8. Right
9. Marketing
10. Finances
11. Bookkeeping and Taxes
12. Security
13. Basics of Humanitarian Knowledge
14. Fundamentals of mathematics and natural sciences
15. Information technology

They offer up-to-date knowledge in the field of corporate management in a market environment, enable you to acquire knowledge in financial analysis, to learn to predict business development and to react appropriately to changes in the external and internal environment.

The modular principle of organizing training courses provides the opportunity to choose the required course and modules independently. The tests included in the module structure allow you to pass the remote certification.

There are currently over 141,000 users registered in the RBS from 3,766 cities and 123 countries, and their number is growing every day.

Internet project Eduson.tv

Format: Courses, presentations, video lectures, cases
Level: Basic to advanced
Course topics: Business, internet technology, internet marketing

Online courses with business cases from leading Russian companies.

EDUSON offers the following services: an online training service for employees, a library of business courses, an editor for courses and tests, an online employee evaluation and an analysis system.
The catalog now contains more than 1000 videos. All courses are offered in 5 formats: large video courses, mini courses, business cases, animated presentations and lectures in business English.

Each format solves a specific task for the user.
In 1,046 video courses you will learn: sell more, become a secretary with cold calls, create financial models, manage projects, time and people, cut bloated budgets, hire the best and fire off “sloths”.

The leader can choose a pre-made training program for his or her employees or create a customized one based on current business tasks. Another nice feature: before you start training, you can pass the test and get a map of your knowledge and skills.

Courses on topics: HR, Business English, leadership, personal development, marketing, management, presentations, sales, production, startups, project management, finance, etc.
There are several types of online course subscriptions for business users. The demo access is possible for 14 days.

Tip: Users with active passage of free courses Edyuson can give up to 2000 rubles. on paid courses.

IMpro. Internet Marketing School.

Format: Courses, presentations, video lectures
Level: Basic to advanced
Course topics: Internet technology, internet marketing
Costs: free and paid; Annual subscription - 790 rubles per month

Courses for marketers, business people, internet project managers. He has worked in web development and online business strategies for over 8 years. Areas of study: Integrated Internet Marketing, SEO, SMM, Email Marketing, Planning of Marketing Campaigns on the Internet, SEO Advertising for Websites, SMM and Loyalty Tools, Context and Media Advertising, Website Design, Content Management and Information Design , Web design and ease of use.

Business environment

Format: Courses, webinars
Level: Basic to advanced
Course topics: business
Costs: "Basic" - free, "Premium" tariff - 1 750 rubles

The School of Business from the Business Environment is a set of business training materials created by the best Russian and foreign experts and teachers. All materials are presented in the form of internet courses that can be completed at any time in a comfortable environment.

This is a subsidiary of Sberbank of Russia. The online school Business Environment offers courses for entrepreneurs. “We have selected the most relevant knowledge for the creation and development of your company,” say the developers. The platform's lecturers are Russian and foreign experts in various business areas.

The training materials are divided into four categories: Wholesale, Retail, Services, and Manufacturing.
The completion of a course is confirmed by a diploma. At the moment they spent more than 10 thousand. 112 basic courses are available for the free basic tariff. The Premium tariff gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the 65 best courses.


Format: Video courses
Level: from introductory to advanced
Course topics: General knowledge
Costs: free and paid

The portal was created by the company "Multimedia Technologies" with the support of the Fund for the Support of the Development of Small Business Forms in the Scientific and Technical Field. The developers talk about their resource as a cloud service with multimedia electronic educational resources.

The website offers over 250 video courses lasting over 3,500 hours. Some of them are available directly through the browser, others require special software to be installed. Satisfied with a wide variety of topics: English, German, Chinese, Java, Photoshop, Physics, traffic rules, chess, marketing, etc. - both school children and students and longtime people will find interesting things for themselves.


Format: Courses, webinars
Level: from introduction to basic training
Course topics: Business, health, lifestyle, education
Costs: free and paid.

This educational platform gives students access to Russian courses and private tutors the opportunity to earn money or simply introduce their services.
It is also assumed that universities can implement their distance learning programs through this platform.
There aren't very many courses yet, but a wide variety of topics is enjoyable - from fitness to business.
The price tags also vary: there are free courses, there are courses that cost a ridiculous 10 rubles, and some cost 10,000 rubles or more.
After passing this or that course and passing the corresponding test, you can get a diploma. This process is not automated - you have to request via email. You can also subscribe to new courses via email.According to the creators, they appear every month.


Format: Courses, video lectures
Level:from introductory to advanced
Course topics: Humanities, history, art
Costs: is free

Arzamas is a non-profit educational project dedicated to humanitarian knowledge. We create a kind of university for you that brings together the best teachers and is built right in front of your eyes.

At the center of Arzamas are courses or “humanitarian series”, each with its own topic. Every two weeks we will open a new "department": On Thursdays new courses in history, literature, art, anthropology, philosophy - about culture and people - appear on the website.

Our courses are a combination of short video lectures by academics and materials created by the editors: reference notes and long articles, photo galleries and newsreels, quotes from forgotten books, and interviews with experts - all of these will help reveal the subject more fully.

The site can be useful not only for people far from the exact sciences, but also for tech geeks who want to broaden their horizons and gain knowledge in an accessible form about things that have never been seen before.

Megap breakthrough

Format: Courses, workshops, cases
Level:from easy to advanced
Course topics: business
Costs: free and paid (club card for 2015 - 75 000 rubles)

The mega breakthrough is the center of business development.

“We run training courses, courses and webinars, shoot instructional videos, and collect success and failure stories. We advise small and medium-sized companies, conduct audits and adapt the brain. "

The aim of the project is to "increase the contribution of small and medium-sized enterprises in Russia to 35% of GDP". Training materials like offline training and online webinars are designed to help beginners get started, not die, and seasoned business professionals grow and develop.

Issuing an annual subscription gives you access to the trainings and master classes held in Moscow, as well as any additional materials (videos, cases, lectures, etc.). In addition, the club card allows remote participation in some courses (subject to technical availability) and the right to consult resource experts.

National Open University INTUIT

Format: Courses
Level: from easy to advanced
Course topics: Information technology.
Costs: free and paid

Hundreds of completely free online courses are available to teach you about information technology skills. At the end of each of them, you can get an electronic certificate for free.

On the Intuit website, you can enroll in Intel Academy and Microsoft Academy training courses.

YuoTube educational project

Education channel for YuoTube video hosting. A sea of ​​instructional videos on various topics.

TV attention

Format: Video
Level: from introductory to advanced
Costs: is free

"Attention" is not an educational platform. This is an award for the best educational video projects. The maximum task is to “set the fashion for self-education”. The minimal task is to create a convenient navigator for video lectures.

The catalog contains more than 20 categories and hundreds of videos: business, foreign languages, sports, photography, health, and more. You can spend hours clicking on the categories and watching the videos that interest you, especially sharing your favorite videos with your friends through social networks.


Format: Courses, cases, practice
Level:from easy to advanced
Course topics: Web programming
Costs: free and paid.

Learn to create modern web interfaces, improve your skills and become a real professional.
32 online HTML and CSS courses from 35 mentors. The HTML Academy developers believe that layout is a useful skill for any IT professional.
The courses are divided into basic and advanced courses. Some of them are paid, others are free. In addition, the focus is not on theory, but on practice.


Format: Courses, cases, practice
Level: from easy to advanced
Course topics: Web programming
Costs: free and paid.

Learn to program in an interactive format and for free - this company's motto. The website includes step-by-step online tutorials in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, and PHP. There is also a separate section for creating websites. All you need to gain new knowledge is the Internet and a browser. If you are new to programming this is a great option to learn the basics.

Programming school

Format: Courses, cases, practice
Level: from easy to advanced
Course topics: Web programming, web technology.
Costs: free and paid.

The "School of Programming" training center was founded in 2010 by graduates of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. The choice of professions is extensive: Basics of Programming, HTML and CSS, Swift, Android, Python, JavaScript and others.

Regardless, the SEO course is worth mentioning. At the end of one of the courses, which cost up to 100,000 rubles, you will receive a certificate of confirmation. The school also promises graduates two-month internships in specialized companies.

It is evident that online education is now at its peak and more accessible than ever. It is now easy to take self-education courses, just enough fun and fast enough internet.

Airbrush courses

Cost: from 5,000 to 20,000 rubles

Traditional art classes are full of advanced painting classes. And first of all, let's talk about airbrush courses. For many, it's associated with pictures on cars, but in fact, you can airbrush a picture on a snowboard, motorcycle helmet, wall in a room, kitchen stool, or your favorite t-shirt. It is believed that the creator of airbrushing was an American jeweler Ebner Peeler. In 1878 he designed an airbrush for spraying paint. The name "airbrush" was associated with the invention of Peeler, and the first thing taught in most airbrush courses today is proper use. In addition, the lessons show you how to mix colors, simulate future drawings in Photoshop, and create stencils necessary for the final transfer of the image. As a rule, many airbrush schools offer various training programs. The basic course usually lasts no more than 10 hours and the deep course lasts around 60 hours. However, both include both theoretical and practical courses leading to the completion of the thesis.

Bathing courses

Cost: 8000 rubles

"Every year on December 31st, my friends and I go to the bathhouse!" - Every Russian knows this quote from the main film of the New Year. According to the POF survey, 46% of the country's residents visit the bathhouse regularly. Not every steam enthusiast knows all the subtleties of the art of bathing. A visit to the bath house, which the Slavs called Soap, Movni and Vlazna, was already in the 5th-6th centuries. Popular in the 19th century and over time it has been overgrown with many rules and rituals. You can learn at least some of them by taking the Bathhouse Russian Bathhouse Why, Why, and How course. His program consisted of answers to the most frequently asked questions from "bathhouse" beginners. After completing the course, participants will learn how to choose and steam a bath broom, organize aromatherapy sessions without leaving the heated steam room, and also learn the answer to one of the key questions posed by die-hard pool attendants: what drinks can be consumed in the bathroom and which not. The duration of the course is 8 academic hours divided into 2 classes that you can listen to in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Pottery courses

Cost: 7000 rubles

Pottery is one of the most indulgent classes for beginners. Unlike painting, which requires you to have a sense of color and spatial thinking, or music, which you cannot do without hearing, modeling does not require innate talents. Perhaps that is why the popularity of pottery classes has increased lately. In most classes, you can learn to sculpt from clay in two ways: manually or with a pottery wheel. The pottery course in the workshop of the Union of Artists is designed for 5 classes, each of which lasts 3 academic hours. In the first attempt, the students try to shape a bowl from a shapeless piece of clay, in the second they move on to more complex shapes and form a mug with a handle, in the third they add a pot with a lid to the already existing cutlery and in the fourth a teapot. The fifth and final lesson deals with preparing products for firing and working with glazes and enamels. After completing a pottery, the house will not only come closer to ceramic ceramics, but also much quieter - because, according to doctors, sculpture has a psychotherapeutic effect.

Azulejo courses

Cost: 6400 rubles

The Portuguese word "azuleju" (from the Arabic az-zulajj - pebble) means fired and glazed ceramic tiles. Signs with house numbers and street names in Portugal made with this technique can be seen everywhere. Among the masters of azulejus, whose heyday came in the late 17th - early 18th centuries, there were almost no foreigners, but today everyone can learn how to make colorful tiles. Probably there are not many of them: the number of azuleje courses in Moscow can be counted on the fingers of one hand. First of all, the participants in the classes learn to work with clay, alabaster and plaster, from which future tiles will be made. The second part of the course is dedicated to traditional tile decorating techniques: painting, gilding, decoupage, and even creating extensive relief drawings. The final stage of working with tiles is firing, after which azuleje gets a shiny sheen. Decorative tiles made during the class will be an excellent decoration of the interior or a handmade gift.

Fumelier courses

Cost: 3000 rubles

It is an old habit and a sign of respect to treat your interlocutor with tobacco. Even the Indians gave Columbus tobacco, among other things. But how do you understand the diversity of its varieties, the properties of cigars from different regions, their correct storage and combination with alcohol? This will help fumelier courses. The term, which designates a specialist for both cigars and wine, is a derivative of the French noun "Sommelier" and the Spanish verb "Fumo" - "smoke". Fumelier courses first give amateur beginners an idea of ​​the culture of smoking, as not everyone knows that there is a special cigar serving and tobacco label. In addition to theoretical knowledge about the structure of cigars and their shape, the classification of cigarettes and the shisha device, the students of the Fumelier courses have the opportunity to enrich themselves with practical skills. For example, to exercise, light a pipe, roll cigars and, with the help of tasting, determine the optimal combination of tobacco and alcohol. The Fumelier course at the Barman Association of Russia is designed for a 5-hour class. All smoking and alcohol consumables are included in the price.

Torchlight courses

Cost: from 4900 rubles

The English word "flaring", consisting of the parts "flare" - flying and "ring" - a circle, is known to bartenders all over the world. After all, they call this free-style cocktail-making, accompanied by juggling bottles and other tricky tricks. Flaring has existed for more than 150 years and its ancestor is believed to be the father of American mixologist Jerry Thomas. In his lifetime Thomas was referred to as a "professor" and today most bartenders simply call him "father". In its complexity, flaring is compared to the martial arts, but that does not mean that it cannot be learned: today there are flirting courses in Moscow too. The training is usually based on the “stairs” principle. First of all, simple tricks are mastered, such as throwing a piece of ice that you need to catch in a glass. The most accurate pouring of beverages without the use of measuring utensils worked out separately. You can learn to juggle two or even three subjects in the basic flaring course, but to master such complex technical elements as balance or throws, you need to take a professional course.

Top weaving courses

Cost: one level - 3500 rubles

Lace is back in style. At last year's royal wedding, Kate Middleton appeared before the altar in a dress with sleeves made of delicate lace, and in February of this year a number of designers took to the catwalk at Italian High Fashion Week, entirely in delicate, delicate fabrics were dressed. In the course of its history, only representatives of the upper class could afford to wear top clothes. In the years XVII-XVIII, lace like diamonds was sold for carat, and during the Great Patriotic War lace fabrics from Vologda were exchanged for weapons and products. Lace is still in the price today, but you can learn how to spin it yourself. In the few handicraft courses in large cities, lace fabric is taught using two techniques. The first is coil weaving, called sticks made of hard wood. In the courses you will learn how to sort out coils correctly and how to create a hole pattern. The second popular web method is called tatting. It is considered simpler and carried out with a special shuttle. A few tatting exercises are enough to create a lace napkin, collar, or brooch.

Feng Shui courses

Cost: from 5500 rubles

Feng Shui is a Taoist practice of reclaiming space with a history of 5,000 years. It is true that it was initially used most often to calculate the location of graves. And today, with the help of Feng Shui, you can choose the best place to build a house, harmoniously furnish an apartment, and even "properly" arrange trees on a personal plot of land. How? You can find out by mastering the Feng Shui course. In the East, they believe that every house is a living organism in which objects and their location are of particular importance. Feng Shui courses explain why it is better to place the kitchen in the southern part of the house than threatening the crowded corners of the rooms and why there must be flowers in the apartment. And this is only a small part of the secrets that are so respected and respected in the East. By the way, residents of Asian countries like to say that the house itself can give signs to the owner. If the lamps often burn out, electrical appliances are switched off or floorboards creak, the harmony of the interior is broken. And you can fix it with feng shui. Today this practice is becoming a fashionable hobby for many, but psychologists do not advise getting too carried away with it.

Literary cuisine courses

Cost: 2000 rubles

Survey data shows that the demand for cooking classes in Moscow has increased by 20% in recent years. Despite the relatively high cost of classes, which reached several thousand rubles per visit, the residents of the capital mastered the methods of cooking fish and meat, salads and snacks, and learned to bake cakes and pies. And for those who want to learn to cook not only delicious, but also original dishes, courses in "literary cuisine" are being held in Moscow today. Their main difference is that they learn to cook according to recipes that do not come from cookbooks, but can be found in works of Russian and world literature. One of the most delicious descriptions of food can be found at Gogol. Therefore, in the classes of "literary cuisine", participants will try to cook at least a small part of the dishes with which Korobochka treated Chichikova. They also bake pancakes according to Chekhov's recipe, prepare Proust's famous Madeleine biscuits or cook Swiss cheese soup with croutons, the smell of which comes from the pages of Mikhail Shishkin's prose. By the way, the cooking process takes place not only to the sounds of knocking knives and boiling oil, but also to reading literary texts.

Calligraphy courses

Cost: from 15 000 rubles

Typing, not writing a letter or text, is a common thing for anyone who can no longer imagine life without a computer.Many forget how to write by hand and what we can say about the art of calligraphy, which is becoming a relic of the past. And once there was mastery of beautiful letters valued no less than the ability to paint in oil or watercolor. Nowadays calligraphy courses are usually held for students of art universities, and it is not so easy for "free listeners" to find calligraphy writing courses in Moscow. One of the places you can learn to write beautifully is in the classes at the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy. They consist of three levels, each of which is designed for two and a half months. First of all, the course participants learn to “write” the lower and upper case letters of the Russian alphabet and to work out connecting and decorative elements. The second level starts working with different fonts, and on the third level students take a sharp pen and learn the basics of ligature and poster graphics. By the way, before taking any calligraphy classes, you can read Dan Brown's novel Angels and Demons, in which the global conspiracy is based on the characteristics of the Gothic script.