Which lipstick doesn't smear

Kissing with lipstick: tricks to avoid smudging

Kissing with lipstick: tricks to avoid smudging

Hollywood shows us again and again: No matter how flashy or shiny the lipstick is - Hollywood kisses never smear. There must be some trick the make-up artists use on set, right? An expert has now revealed how to kiss without completely smearing your partner's face and then look like a clown yourself.

Lipstick disappears so quickly

Yes, the new one lipstick or lip gloss is great, but as soon as you eat or drink something, it has either disappeared completely or is only seen in the form of an unwanted lip liner. Back to the 90s, girls! If you don't want the 90s memory look with fat lip liner, you have to follow suit. All the time. That can be annoying.

Tips on kissing with lipstick

And then the subject Kissing with lipstick. A horror! Because either you smear it around your own mouth, or on your partner's face, or in both places. But that need not be. There is four tipswho have favourited Make-up Artist Rebecca Perkins compared to the American Cubit has betrayed.

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Tip number 1: Use a blotting paper when you've applied the lipstick. If you don't have one on hand, you can also use a cosmetic tissue. It is important that the excess moisture can be removed from the lips and the pigmette can settle better.

Tip number 2: Matte lipsticks generally hold better than lip glosses or shimmering lipsticks, because they are enriched with more moisture. And more moisture means: Something can smear more easily here.

Tip number 3: Anyone who smeared lipstick through kissing (eating / drinking / whatever) should have shaving cream ready. Really. Well, this trick is more practical on set, where make-up artist Rebecca Perkins prefers the Shaving Cream from Barbasol used. Incidentally, it also removes fake blood in case you come into contact with it. In public, you rarely have the shaving cream in your handbag.

Tip number 4: So the next tip: Put some concealer over the smeared area. Either with your fingers or, even better, with a small sponge, it can also absorb the paint. And the trick can then be used quickly and easily on yourself as well as on your partner.

Do you have any "anti-smear tricks"?

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