What is the Ferrari of motorcycles

Ferrari motorcycle auctioned

A Ferrari should be fiery red, have black seats and easily break the 200 km / h mark after a few seconds. The red lightning bolt, which was recently auctioned off at the Bonhams auction house at a record price of 105,200 euros, fulfills all of these attributes. With one small difference: it only has two wheels. Take a look at the converted 105 hp MV-Agusta motorcycle in our photo show.

The story began in 1990 with a request from MV Agusta Pope David Kay to Piero Ferrari. Kay wanted to build a motorcycle in honor of Enzo Ferrari, who had died two years earlier, and based the design on the shapes of current Ferrari models.

Ferrari drove motorcycle races

Enzo Ferrari actually took part in motorcycle races with his "Scuderia Ferrari" team from 1932 to 1934, using Norton and Rudge machines. Piero Ferrari therefore gave his written consent on May 23, 1990. For four years, David Kay only used the very best custom-made parts on his motorcycle. The MV-Agusta brings its 105 hp to the asphalt via extra-light Astralite wheels.

Racing brakes from the renowned manufacturer Brembo on the front and rear wheels keep the power in check. The weight is only 172 kg. The ambitious project devoured a total of 3000 hours of work.

Sounds like an old fighter plane

David Kay describes the engine noise of the machine as similar to a dogfight between a Messerschmidt and a Spitfire in World War II. The Ferrari motorcycle is not quite as fast as a fighter plane. With a top speed of 265 km / h, the future owner of the machine cannot complain about a lack of performance. Take a look at the Ferrari motorcycle in our picture gallery.