What is the nickname of Bangalore

At the JLL Bangalore Center for Tech


Nicola Byrne

In November 2018, JLL opened its 20,000 square meter global center of excellence for technology, data and information management in Bangalore, India.

PlaceTech spoke to Aftab Taylor, JLL's Chief Information Officer for EMEA, to hear about progress at the center since launch to set new standards for the commercial real estate industry.

What is the CoE and what are you hoping for?

The Center of Expertise is the first of its kind worldwide for JLL and perhaps global for the industry because it brings many of our technological capabilities under one roof. From data application development to data management, everything is brought together under one roof to create structured opportunities to provide valuable solutions for JLL and our customers.

In order to keep up with modern technology, it's really important to give us that competitive advantage, and this facility creates that ability for us, and from what we've seen so far, it works wonders.

What's going on in the middle?

There are several industries that span machine learning, business intelligence, analytics architecture, data management application development, the use of virtual and augmented reality technology, and immersive tech.

There's also a huge focus on data as we strongly believe that technology can only get you this far. It's the information they provide and the data we use is of value, so there is a lot to do with data management here.

For the real estate industry, there are examples of machine learning where we work with information we have about the market about behavior, patterns and trends that we can now predict automatically.

Early results

The first results we've found since the center opened is that we definitely picked the right place due to the incredible talent pool. Bangalore is a technology hotspot - a hub of the latest and greatest tech startups and great minds.

The Silicon Valley of India is a nickname for the city of Bangalore. Pictured is Bagmane Tech Park, home to many tech companies

We also found that combining these diverse skills under one roof has created an environment where great minds and talent come together to address some of the challenges facing the industry and the company.

There have been a lot of great ideas out there to make things more effective and efficient, but even more important are innovative and creative ideas on how we can serve our customers and customers much better and give them a better customer experience. because that is the ultimate goal.

In the middle

The center has the latest technology. We have digital walls that you can draw on with your finger. We have projections for Cave's automatic virtual environment that allow teams to have a comprehensive environment for research, use sensors, and all kinds of Internet of Things are running on the internet. As you walk through the office, each area becomes more impressive.

The center is what the future of work should look like because we firmly believe in working the way you live. As your personal life becomes more tech-savvy and tech-savvy, your work environment will otherwise have to keep up when people come into the office. You will feel like you are taking a step back.