What software do top music producers use

Produce music and create songs on the PC

Brief description Magix Music Maker is a sequencer program that can be used to record, edit and mix audio and MIDI data. Reaper is a professional and comprehensive tool for creating music. Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) is software for editing music and offers an impressive range of functions. Ableton Live enables musicians and DJs to create, produce and play music live on stage. You can download it directly here. With "Magix Music Maker" creating and producing your own music has never been easier. The simple operation and many presets make it possible. The Windows program is available to you free of charge. With Hydrogen you get a drum computer to generate your own drum rhythms. The software is based on Java and is available for download across platforms. GarageBand lets you create your own songs without being musically gifted. On Netzwelt we will guide you to download the app for free. "eJay Hip Hop 5 Reloaded" is music production software that gives you all the tools you need to create your own personal Hip Hop songs. Click here for the free trial version for Windows. N-Track Studio for download at netzwelt. You can download the test version of the sequencer program for Windows free of charge from us. Cubase Elements leaves nothing to be desired in music production. Compose, record, edit audio - the software turns the PC into a recording studio. Immediately produce grooves and sounds on your Android smartphone. See for yourself how easy it can be to make music on a smartphone.