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The best browser apps for Android in comparison

Most Android users surf the Internet with Chrome or a standard browser from the manufacturer. In addition, there are a number of alternatives in the Google Play Store. These not only offer additional functions and more convenient handling, but also promise more security and anonymity. In addition to big names such as Firefox or Opera, we have therefore also taken a closer look at the Brave Browser for Android in this article.

Where can I find the browser on my smartphone or tablet?

To open the browser on your mobile device, all you have to do is tap the URL bar. Most devices have either Google Chrome or their own, manufacturer-specific browser preinstalled.

Which browser app is the best?

That always depends on the type of user. If you like it quick and clear, you should definitely use Google Chrome. If you value a lot of features, you should upgrade to Firefox Daylight or Opera Touch instead.

What does a browser app for Android cost?

The apps presented in this post can all be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or as APKs.


1. Google Chrome for Android - The classic with high ease of use

Downloads and updates at the touch of a finger: The Google Chrome browser is preinstalled on most Android devices.

Most users are probably familiar with Google Chrome as a desktop version, and the mobile version for smartphones also has some exciting functions to offer. The browser is already preinstalled on many Android devices and presents an extremely useful feature in the form of frequently visited websites right from the start. This way, you can get to your favorite content with just one click. When you log into the browser, your Passwords, settings and bookmarks are automatically synced across all of your devices.

In addition, Chrome for Android offers a practical download button, which you can use to download images, videos or entire web pages with a tap of your finger. Another practical feature is the integrated data-saving mode: This reduces the data volume for images, texts and even videos by up to 60 percent. According to Google, it is thus possible to bypass the throttling by the provider.

Thanks to the minimalist look and the focus on the essentials Chrome for Android can also convince in terms of performance. The browser is available free of charge from the Google Play Store or as an APK.

2. Mozilla Firefox Daylight - The performer with many special functions

The completely redesigned mobile version of Mozilla Firefox is based exactly like the desktop version on the Gecko Engine, but in contrast to this one does not require administrator rights and does not require installation. It can therefore also be set up and started on a removable medium (e.g. a USB stick or an external hard drive). As with the installed browser, you then have access to functions such as PDF viewer, password manager, pop-up blocker, tabbed browsing or bookmark management or you can use Google search. Thanks to numerous extensions, the range of functions can also be increased if necessary. Firefox Daylight is HTML5 capable and is constantly being further developed as open source by a lively community.

Good to know: The nimble, small K-Meleon Portable is also based on the Gecko Engine of the Mozilla project and does not require any installation. Unfortunately, the browser with IE emulator function is currently not available as an Android version.

Firefox Daylight In contrast to the installed version, it does not leave any private information on the computer on which it is operated. This means that you also benefit from more privacy at the same time. A mixed content blocker also prevents unencrypted content from being reloaded and thus makes so-called "man-in-the-middle" attacks more difficult.

3. Opera Touch - The minimalist with integrated e-wallet

The "Fast Action Button" ("FAB" for short) is a multifunctional button with which you can start new web and voice searches, scan QR codes or open tabs.

The Opera Touch was specially developed for use on mobile devices and is named after the "Opera for Android" and the "Opera Mini" already the third mobile browser from the Norwegian software company Opera. Just like Chrome, Opera also promises top speed when surfing. This is partly thanks to the Webkit engine used by both Google Browser and Safari. In off-road mode, the browser converts websites on the server and only delivers them afterwards. This saves bandwidth and ensures short waiting times (e.g. when using YouTube in the browser or games).

After starting the app, you land directly in the instant search and can go from there Search queries using keyboard search, QR scanner or voice search carry out. In the “Discover” area you will find the latest news and articles from a wide range of topics. The "Fast Action Button" (FAB) is a particularly practical one. This is a Multifunctional button with which you can start new web and voice searches, scan QR codes or open tabs. You can comfortably reach all control elements with your thumb.

You will receive one via the integrated crypto wallet easy access to Web 3 apps and content. When shopping online, simply pay with a cryptocurrency from your e-wallet and process transactions quickly and securely. The only downer: In contrast to the desktop version, Opera Touch does not offer an integrated VPN.

4. Brave Private Browser - The modern one with protection against annoying advertisements

Surfing with the free Brave Private Browser for Android is even faster than with Google Chrome. Just like Chrome, the Brave browser is based on the Chromium project and leaves practically nothing to be desired in terms of functionality. In addition to integrated tracking protection, a phishing, advertising and malware blocker as well as SSL-encrypted communication (HTTPS), the browser also offers extended control options with regard to cookies, Java and browser fingerprinting. Third-party cookies are blocked by defaultThe secure DuckDuckGo is used as a search engine.

Brave is also compatible with the extensions from the Chrome Web Store, which means that you can easily equip it with additional features (e.g. the Flash Player) if required. Unfortunately, in contrast to the desktop version, the TOR functionality is currently not supported in the Android version. If you still want to surf securely and anonymously, you have to switch to a third-party VPN solution. For this an integrated round PDF viewer, a password manager with autofill function, torrent and Chromecast support and a playback function for HTML5 videos the offer.

Good to know: Many free websites are financed through advertising, which is why there has been increased criticism of the Brave Browser in the past, which blocks these and thus deprives the operator of important income. Therefore, the manufacturer has launched a program called Brave Rewards, with which website providers are to be appropriately compensated.

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The best browser apps for Android in comparison
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