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HDMI Male to 3 Chinch RCA RGB Audio Video AV Converter Adapter Cable for HDTV


The HDMI to RCA cable is used to connect and transmit signals from the HDMI port to the RCA port.
This cable acts as a signal transmitter, but NOT as a signal converter.
Since HDMI carries digital signals, RCA carries analog signals.
In order for these two signal formats to communicate with each other, both input and output devices must support the signal conversion function (code and decoding).

If both input / output devices do not support signal conversion, a signal conversion box is required.

Gold-plated plugs for better signal transmission
New Generic HDMI Male to 3 RCA Audio Video AV Component
HDMI to RCA cable is designed to connect and transfer signals from HDMI connector to RCA connector.
High quality HDMI RCA cable for use in HDTV, home theater systems, and all other HDMI to RCA supported devices.

With this cable you can transmit digital color video signals from your high definition player to a connected RGB medium. Please note that your connected devices must support signal conversion HDMI to RGB or VRGB to HDMI. This cable is not a converter. This cable is not an audio-video chinch cable. It only transmits images but no audio!
The gold-plated connections ensure the best signal transmission and, at the same time, there is very good corrosion protection.
PVC sheathing with its large diameter offers maximum protection against wear and extreme temperatures

Product features:
Gender: male-male
Shielding: Not shielded
Type: Coaxial
Application: multimedia
Connector type: RCA
Connector B: RCA
Connector A: HDMI
Connector color: gold
Color: Black
Cable length: approx. 1 m
Connections: HDMI HDTV, VGA, 3 RCA
Supports: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p resolution

Scope of delivery:
1 x HDMI male to 3 RCA cables