AP credit is required for the SAT

Telekom Magenta TV Sat

Magenta TV is the name of Telekom's television. In this way, users can combine live television, streaming films, series and more, as well as internet and telephony. Magenta TV can be received not only via the internet line, but also via satellite. The Media Receiver 601 Sat clears the way to more than 300 channels, of which up to 65 channels also come into the house in HD quality.

You can choose from the three offer variants Magenta TV Basic, Smart & Smart Netflix. Consumers with a satellite system simply book the Media Receiver 601 Sat during the ordering process. Magenta TV Sat has all the comfort functions of the "normal" Magenta TV, but has a larger selection of channels. Because customers do not receive their TV programs over the internet, but via satellite.

Overview: Services Magenta TV Sat

Magenta TV stands for modern television, which combines classic TV programming with flexible access to content from media libraries and streaming services. While the television is received via the satellite system, other content comes to the living room television via the Internet line.

The big highlight is the Magenta TV megathek, which allows free access to around 10,000 content. Also included: The huge archive of the public broadcasters (Tatort, Bergdoktor, ...) and exclusive series from Telekom. The Media Receiver 601 Sat, which is bought or rented, serves as the central control center.