What is the difference between boring and interesting guys?

Boys and men are sometimes very complicated and not always easy to understand. Whether you're dating or chatting, do you want to ask your crush some questions to get to know them better? In addition to the "either or questions", there are others interesting questions! We have all of them for you 100 questions for guys put together with which you will surely get to know your boy better afterwards. By the way, you can of course also ask the questions to girls if you are currently dating a girl!

With these questions, everything becomes much more interesting when you get to know each other?

There's nothing worse about dating when the conversation runs out. Sometimes the conversation falls into an awkward silence because the topics have simply run out? That usually makes things complicated. Are you two missing interesting topics to talk about? With these 100 questions for boys, this should be a thing of the past in the future. This is how you build trust and strengthen your relationship.

Embarrassing silence on dates

Silent and questioning faces on a date are, if we're honest, yes pretty uncomfortable. Both for yourself and for your date. It's not that difficult to ask each other interesting questions. Sometimes you don't have to worry about asking nice and, above all, interesting questions. A little tip from the editorial team: Sometimes you can long embarrassing pauses can quickly make you feel insecure and you feel pressured faster. Try to convince yourself it's normal. Just because you're dating your crush shouldn't add extra stress to you. He's probably just as excited as you are.

The right questions build your relationship

  • They are mostly simple questions that can lead to in-depth discussions. Ask any questions you would ask your friends as well.
  • Because the more natural and normal the questions are, the more interesting your conversation will be.
  • Remember that it is always better if you open questions ask. If you have a closed question ask, it can easily be answered by your date with "yes" or "no". More interesting are the questions that he can answer in more detail.
  • Which things are you most interested in? What things have you always wanted to ask? This is how a real flow of conversation and time will go by in an instant (unfortunately). Because when you're having fun, you won't even notice how quickly time will fly. And exactly that's the beauty of dating with a boy / man when you are having fun and forget everything around you!

100 questions for boys and girls

You want to prepare for your next date and are still looking for interesting questions that you can either ask the boy / man or the girl live or in chat can ask? Then we have right here right for you: The best 100 questions to ask guys so that your conversation is natural and relaxed.

The 100 questions to boys / men but also to girls can in different categories be classified in order to be able to classify it better for you, what exactly you are looking for and which things you can better ask in which category:

  • Questions to get to know

  • personal questions

  • Deep questions

  • Funny questions

Questions about getting to know boys and girls

If it's your first date with your crush, you'd better start with easy questions. You can ask personal questions or profound questions after you have got to know each other better or your conversations have already created trust. Because nobody wants to tell a stranger about their private things and events. Slowly approach each other with these questions:

  1. What do you like to do in your free time?

  2. What is your biggest hobby?

  3. What have you always wanted to try?

  4. When is your birthday?

  5. Do you have siblings?

  6. How do you get along with your siblings?

  7. Do you have pets?

  8. What is your favorite color?

  9. What do you like to do on the weekend?

  10. What are your favorite subjects at school?

  11. Do you have a nickname? And how did this come about?

  12. What is your favorite movie?

  13. Where do you like to spend your time with friends?

  14. Which actors do you like best?

  15. Is there a famous person who inspires you?

  16. What is your favorite song and why

  17. What is your favorite music to listen to?

  18. Can you cook?

  19. What is your favorite food?

  20. Do you like playing video games?

  21. Do you like to travel?

  22. Do you have a favorite place that you like to hang out?

  23. Do you do sports?

  24. What is your star sign?

  25. Are you an early riser or grumpy in the morning?

Personal questions for boys / men and girls

Personal questions can be yours Deepen conversations. Depending on how long you have been dating, you can use these questions to prove to each other how and whether you trust each other. You can ask these questions even if you are already in a relationship. Men find such questions at least as interesting to answer as you! After all, one betrays with every posed personal question a personal answer. They are things that you want to share from your life. But both of you should be careful with the questions, because some questions are only appropriate when you meet relaxed and in the right mood to talk about personal matters. This is how you can take your relationship to a new level!

  1. Are you satisfied with your life

  2. What is your fondest memory?

  3. Are you particularly proud of something you've done?

  4. What are your habits?

  5. Which of these habits are more bad and which are good?

  6. Are you missing something in life to be really happy?

  7. What is your fondest memory?

  8. Do you remember your first kiss? If so, what was he like?

  9. How do you get along with your parents?

  10. Would you like to change something in your life?

  11. What is your greatest passion

  12. What is your biggest weakness?

  13. What is your greatest fantasy

  14. What is the most important thing in life for you?

  15. Have you ever had trouble with the police?

  16. Have you ever had a blind date?

  17. Was there an event that left a lasting mark on you?

  18. What was the bravest thing you've ever done?

  19. Have you made a bucket list for yourself? If so, what does it say?

  20. How would you describe your childhood?

  21. What is more important to you: money or love?

  22. What was your childhood dream?

  23. What would be the most romantic thing you would ever do?

  24. Do you care what other people think of you?

  25. Would you say looks are important to you?

Deep questions

Deep conversations are extremely interesting and allow even more depth in a relationship. It could be questions that both of you very much to be thought-provoking. These questions are great for when you already know each other better. A relationship doesn't have to be the foundation for the deep questions you want to ask the boy or man. You can also ask any questions of the girl that you are dating, of course. The questions are not gender related. Sometimes you can ask such questions right on the first date. The mood has to be right and you have to the right feeling to be able to ask these questions:

  1. Do you believe in the afterlife?

  2. If you could, would you want to know when or how you die?

  3. Do you believe in the afterlife?

  4. Are you afraid of death?

  5. Do you believe in great love

  6. Do you believe in love at first sight

  7. Do you want to get married someday?

  8. Do you want to have children

  9. How do you feel about an adoption?

  10. How do you feel about a long distance relationship?

  11. Have you ever had a long-distance relationship?

  12. Do you believe in soul mates?

  13. Do you believe that dreams can come true?

  14. Do you believe in astrology

  15. Do you know about zodiac signs?

  16. Do you believe in conspiracy theories?

  17. Which conspiracy theory sounds right to you?

  18. Do you think everyone deserves a second chance?

  19. What would life be like if you could read other people's minds?

  20. Why are some people so angry?

  21. Do you think the character has something to do with upbringing?

  22. Which character trait is the most important for you?

  23. Do you believe in karma

  24. Do you believe in fate?

  25. How do you feel about lies?

Funny questions

Funny questions loosen up every conversation. Even with funny questions, you can get to know your date better. Are you already in a relationship? Then the questions are even more perfect to loosen up your mood in everyday life. Humor is very important and should always be on the same wavelength. If you're in a relationship, you should be able to communicate on an equal footing anyway. If not, should you think about whether the boy / man is right for you?

Funny questions can also be embarrassing questions for you and your date totally make you laugh can. So you can quickly find out if it's between you vibed and you share the same sense of humor and the chemistry is right.

  1. What was the funniest thing you've ever experienced with your friends?

  2. What was the most embarrassing thing you've ever experienced?

  3. Did you ever play a particularly nasty prank at school?

  4. What always makes you laugh? Even in a bad mood?

  5. Would you rather be unattractive and rich or attractive and poor?

  6. What would your day look like if you were a girl?

  7. What was the craziest thing you've ever done?

  8. If you had three wishes, what would you do?

  9. If you could only ask one question, which one would you ask me?

  10. If you could undo something, what would you want to undo?

  11. Which movie made you cry?

  12. If you could take over the world, what would you do first?

  13. What would you never do for a million euros?

  14. You suddenly wake up at night and hear a noise - which sound would be the scariest for you?

  15. What did you think was cool back then, what are you now ashamed of?

  16. Which food or drink irritates you the most?

  17. Who or what do you always have time for?

  18. Which game do you generally lose?

  19. On which websites were you constantly on the move in the past and not anymore today?

  20. What totally annoys you what other people do?

  21. What makes you special and unique?

  22. Would you describe yourself as funny?

  23. Would you say you can tell good jokes?

  24. What is your best saying?

  25. Which life motto do you find absurd?

It depends on the moment!

And the person you are asking these questions. So it is very important not to ask embarrassing questions, but simply to ask the questions at the right moment. Of course we are all totally different and each of us reacts differently to questions. So it is all the more important that you get on with your date feel good and notice when it is the right time to ask the right questions. In the best case scenario, you get along so well on the first date that you don't even have to think about which question to ask him next in order to keep the conversation flowing. Your feeling will not lie to you there. In the beginning, it's always cool when you ask funny and casual questions.

The better you understand each other, the better the conversations between you will be. You will both quickly notice whether you get on well and whether you can already trust each other. This moment arises within a few minutes.

So have fun on your next date!

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