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Joker (Heath Ledger)

In The Dark Knight, the primary antagonist becomes the joker, portrayed as an insane, anarchist criminal genius. He terrorizes Gotham City and aims to create a world free of any rules. He was played by Heath Ledger and spoken in the German version by Simon J├Ąger. Ledger received a posthumous Oscar for the role in The Dark Knight Best supporting actor.

Biography Edit source]

Origin and early life Edit source]

Nobody knows who the Joker really is, where it came from and how it became what it is. When he was caught, no matching entries could be found in the database of the Gotham City Police Department for either the fingerprints or the DNA tests. The Joker himself tells a few anecdotes from his alleged childhood and about how the scars that turned his face into a grinning grimace came about, but each time he tells a different story, so you don't know whether any of them are true corresponds, and if so, which one it is. One of his anecdotes is about his extremely violent father, an alcoholic, who abused his wife. One day, when the father attacked the mother with a knife, he turned to the Joker and cut a "laugh" into his face. If the story is true, it would be a possible explanation for the Joker's madness.

The story contradicts one that the Joker tells later. There he tells that his wife used to be a gamer who got into debt with loan sharks who had her face cut as punishment. In a desperate attempt to prove that he didn't mind her scars, he cut his cheek with a razor. However, the woman then left him, disgusted by his disfigured face, which could also be a reason for his psychological damage.

There is much speculation that one of the two stories is true and the other is not. It cannot be ruled out that both stories are a lie, or that both have a true core. In the first story he suggests a cut on the right cheek, in the second story a cut on the left cheek, so they are not completely mutually exclusive. However, the inconsistencies make it impossible to determine the background of the Joker. To maintain or reinforce the mystery of the Joker, one can surmise that its creators may never explain or uncover its background.

The Joker directs another sentence, which makes one look deep, to the manager of Gotham National Bank when he robbed them: "I think anything that doesn't kill you just makes you ... weird." This statement also suggests a possible bad incident in the past that made the Joker what it is.

But it is also quite possible that the Joker invents all of the different stories and adapts them to the people to whom he tells them as well as the respective situation in order to frighten the recipient as much as possible. Some psychological profiles of the Joker also suggest that he himself is unaware of his origins and, insane as he is, he invents a new story for himself and his past every day.

Some fans came up with their own ideas regarding the Joker's hubs. Speaking to Harvey Dent at the hospital, he claims no one would care about an exploding army bus overseas, but if he blew up a hospital in the US, everyone would panic instantly. Taking the army as an example is extremely unusual. In addition, the Joker can handle heavy firearms extremely well. The fan theory has it that he was once a soldier and was seriously injured during such an attack on a bus and all of his comrades died. This explains his hatred of the government, his madness and also the scars.

Arrival in Gotham Edit source]

Shortly after the death of Ra's al Ghul, James Gordon tells Batman about a criminal who, like Batman, has a sense of theatrics and who committed a double murder in a robbery and left a Joker playing card as a business card.

A little later, the Joker steals a large amount of ammonium nitrate from Gotham Docks, and he also takes part in some robberies of his gang, in which he always disguises himself as one of their accomplices.

Bank robbery Edit source]

A few months later, a group of bank robbers (Grumpy, Happy, Dopey, Chuckles, Bozo and an unnamed bus driver), led by the Joker, rob the Gotham National Bank, which is in the hands of the Mafia and serves as a money laundering point. The film "The Dark Knight" begins here. During the raid, the predators gradually kill each other in order to obtain more of the prey themselves. In the end, only Bozo remains, who reveals himself to be the Joker to the manager of Gotham National Bank, who previously attacked the robbers with a shotgun. He puts a smoke grenade in the manager's mouth and disappears into a school bus.

The agreement with the mafia [edit | Edit source]

Shortly after the bank robbery, Mafia boss Sal Maroni calls the other Gotham gang bosses together for a meeting. He mentions the Joker who stole their money and describes him as "some made-up idiot in a cheap purple suit," a nobody to forget. His concerns are that the money can be traced back to the police. Chinese criminal entrepreneur Lau, who is attending the conference on television, tells them that he has taken all the bank balances to a safe place and is keeping them there. With a contrived laugh, the joker suddenly bursts into the meeting and describes the "so-called plan" Laus as a bad joke. After killing one of the bodyguards and calling the meeting a "therapy session", he offers the gang bosses to eliminate the Batman, but asks for half of their entire fortune. He also says that Batman would find Lau and that if Lau is arrested, he would betray the others ("I know a traitor when I see him"). The Chechen and Sal Maroni are interested, but Gambol, annoyed by the disrespect of the Joker, tries to attack the Joker, whereupon the Joker shows a load of grenades that he carries on the inside of his jacket, the detonation of which is attached to his fingers with a thread. The joker leaves the offer in the room and disappears.

Later in the evening, the Joker appears at Gambol with some bearings and switches it off after telling him a story about his scars. He breaks a pool racket and throws one half between the three remaining Gambol bodyguards, telling them that one of them (the survivor) can work for him.

Attack on Gotham Edit source]

The threat of the joker [edit | Edit source]

After Lau was caught by Batman, Sal Maroni and the Chechen decide to accept the Joker's offer.

The Joker announces on television that he will murder people every day until Batman unmasked himself in public and turns himself in to the police. He carries out his threat and kills Judge Surrillo, who presides over the anti-Mafia case, and Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb. In addition, the Joker tries to murder Mayor Anthony Garcia at Loeb's funeral service.

Attack on Dent Edit source]

After these incidents, Harvey Dent pretends to be Batman and is arrested in order to arrest the Joker. The Joker then attacks the prisoner transport in which Dent is located. He also destroys the Batmobile and a police helicopter. Jim Gordon arrested him after being attacked by Batman on the Batpod. When interrogated, Batman names 2 addresses where Rachel Dawes and Harvey Dent are to be held hostage, but swaps the addresses to fool Batman and tells Batman that he can only save one of them. Batman tries to save Rachel, but drives to Dent and saves his life, with Dent's left half of his face being disfigured by the fire. Rachel Dawes dies. Meanwhile, the Joker escapes from prison by using an extorted call to ignite a detonating charge that kills the police officers. Then he kills the Chechen and gives Gotham a choice on television: "When Coleman Reese (Lawyer who knows of Batman's identity and wants to reveal it on TV against the will of the Joker) isn't dead in 60 minutes, I'll blow up a hospital! "

Then, disguised as a nurse, he visits Harvey Dent. He manipulates Dent and makes him stand up against society and take revenge on the people who are responsible for Rachel's death and his disfigurement as a two-face. Then the joker blows it up Gotham General Hospital in the air, causing a mass panic among the citizens.

The ferries Edit source]

The Joker places explosives in 2 ferries - one with refugees from Gotham and one with prisoners - and provides the passengers with the detonator for the explosives in the other ship with the requirement that the other ferry must be blown up by midnight. This is the only way to save your own ferry - and with it your own life. If his request is not complied with, he would blow up both ships. None of the passengers set off the bomb.

The Joker, who is on the upper floor of a building where the police are, is tracked down by Batman. Batman succeeds in fighting his way up to the Joker and confronting him, thus preventing the ferries from being blown up. The Joker tells him that Dent would now call himself Two-Face and seek revenge because he would blame Batman and everyone else who saved him for Rachel's death. Batman leaves him tied up so the police can pick him up and disappears.

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Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • Heath Ledger died of an overdose (accident) just a few weeks after filming.
  • Heath Ledger is the first actor to win an Oscar for a comic book adaptation. He received this after his death.
  • To prepare for his role, Heath Ledger locked himself in a hotel room for 6 weeks. There he read all the Joker stories and kept a diary in which he wrote down all the sick thoughts he had, always in the view of the Joker.
  • Heath Ledger designed his own make-up.
  • Some fans claim he went crazy because of the role and took tranquilizers that killed him because of it. This has never been proven.
  • Ledger took the late Sex Pistols member Sid Vicious as a role model. His girlfriend died mysteriously and he was considered a suspect until he died of a hard drug overdose.
  • Robin Williams was actually planned for the role of the Joker, but he turned it down repeatedly. The rapper Eminem was also discussed.
  • The latter did a photoshoot as Joker in 2009.

Quotes [edit | Edit source]

  • "Do I look like someone who always has a plan? Do you know what I am? I'm a dog who chases cars. I don't know what to do if I get one! You see, I do things easy!"
  • "Our organization is small, but there is huge potential for aggressive expansion!"
  • "How about a magic trick? I'll make that pencil disappear ..."
  • "Do you want to know where these scars came from?"
  • "A bit stubborn ... I like that !!!"                       
  • "Just take a little shot of anarchy, throw the old order out of balance and what happens? Chaos. I am chaos, but you know what chaos is ... it's FAIR!"
  • "No, no ... no, you make me perfect first."
  • "I think ... anything that doesn't kill you makes you ... weird."
  • "No, no, no, I'll kill the bus driver. "
  • "I'm different. Fuck your opinion."
  • "In their final moments, people show you who they really are"
  • "Oh, but not the head first. Then the victim won't feel the next blow ... you see."
  • "Come on, meet me, meet me!"
  • "And ... it ... starts ..."