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Universal is to blame: Mark Ruffalo shatters "Hulk" hopes

Many had already given up hope, one or the other had at least retained a little bit of it - now that of Mark Ruffalo is nullified. As part of the D23 Expo in Anaheim, Disney's in-house convention, Ruffalo spoke all too clearly about The incredible Hulk 2. Or about the fact that, in his opinion, this film will never be made.

Ever since Ruffalo played the role inMarvel's The Avengers Has taken over, the rumors persist that sooner or later The incredible Hulk 2 could shake the canvas. With Ruffalo, of course. At the latest with the announcement that the green giant will play a role in Thor 3 - Decision Day takes, but hopes faded.

Variety Opposite Mark Ruffalo made it clear at the D23 Expo that The incredible Hulk 2 would never come about. Universal Pictures still owns the Hulk-Right, and for some reason, Ruffalo says, you can't go there Marvel clear. And Universal I don't want to earn any money either.

Already in April 2015 it was loud for the first time that there was no further Hulk-Film should and can give because Universal holds the solo film rights and does not give them out. Based on Ruffalo's statement, one can now assume that there is a collaboration between Universal and Marvel is not aimed for, and thus the cooperation between Sony and Marvel For Spider-Man - Homecoming will rather remain the exception.

The mentioned reunion with Ruffalo as Bruce Banner or the Hulk is only available in Thor 3 - Decision Day, that on October 31 comes to the cinemas. Desired appearances in the next two Avengers-Films should also soothe fans.

"A standalone Hulk movie will never happen." - @ MarkRuffalo # 4QrZcoHm6Q

- Variety (@Variety) July 15, 2017