Which presidents were more reprehensible than Trump

US President Donald Trump distances himself from violence

The President and his administration opposed this outbreak of violence "in the strongest", said President Spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany in Washington. "The violence we witnessed at the Capitol yesterday was appalling, reprehensible and contrary to American values," she said. The lawbreakers should be punished, said McEnany.

Orderly handover of official business

At the same time, the spokeswoman emphasized that White House employees were working on an orderly transfer of power to the successor in office. It is now time to unite America. Nothing of the kind had ever been heard from around the president.

A little later, Trump himself repeated these statements in a short video message on Twitter. In it he is "shocked" by the violence, lawlessness and chaos and calls for reconciliation. In addition, after Congress officially confirmed the election result, the new administration will take office on January 20, Trump said. He is currently focused on enabling a smooth transition of power to his successor.

Since the riot on Wednesday at the seat of the US Congress, there have been calls for an early removal of Trump. His term of office officially ends on January 20th. On Thursday night, after temporarily suspending its session because of the tumult, Congress formally confirmed Democrat Joe Biden's victory in the November presidential election.

Paramedics take care of an injured person

Dead in riot

Trump supporters had forcibly entered the Capitol. They smashed windows and occupied rooms. Parliamentarians had to be brought to safety by the police. A 44-year-old woman was shot dead by police in the Capitol while trying to break into the building. The woman from San Diego, California was an ardent supporter of Trump who shared his views on social networks,

Trump had previously incited his supporters at a demonstration in Washington by repeating his completely unsubstantiated claim that there were massive frauds in the presidential election he lost in November. It wasn't until long after the clashes began that the Republican sent a video message urging his supporters to go home. At the same time, he praised the demonstrators. "We love you, you are very special," he said.

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