Where do films get their music from


Videos and music - they often belong together. But be careful! Most of the pieces are protected by copyright and therefore cannot simply be used. So if you don't want to spend a lot of money on expensive licenses, you can try a request with the respective production company. With a bit of luck, they'll approve the song for the video. On the GEMA website you can also find out whether GEMA has the exploitation rights to a piece or who else has the rights and should therefore be asked before using the piece.

However, there are also a number of platforms on the Internet on which free music is offered. We present them on this page. Admittedly: They are not always chart hits, but they are often well suited. A bit of browsing can be worthwhile.

Free music provider

  • Jamendo: On jamendo, artists make their music available freely, legally and free of charge
  • mp3.com: Music portal that also has a “free music” department
  • dogmazic.net: On this French site, pieces of music can be downloaded directly from the creators
  • opsound: Aesthetic side, well organized, the music is sent as a download
  • ccMixter: Free music community with remixes
  • Loca Records: One label, all pieces of music are CC-licensed and downloadable
  • SoundClick: Here musicians can publish their own music and make it available for free and free download. A free registration is required to use it
  • AUDIYOU: “Youtube for tones” - noises, free music, interviews and radio plays by users for users. For the download you have to register (free of charge)
  • TuneFinder: The site collects music that is available for free on the Internet, but the legal status is limited here - take a close look!
  • Bargus music library: especially classical pieces of music for direct download
  • Audionautix: Free music especially for video and film projects
  • EVERMUSIC: a free selection of GEMA-free pieces of music for schoolchildren and students
  • Facebook Sound Collection: many different pieces of music and sounds. Attention: only for videos that are uploaded to Facebook and / or Instagram.
  • Youtube audio library: Sound effects and music tracks for download and license-free use. Pay attention to naming if necessary
  • Free Music Archive: 5000 songs by various artists for free and legal download
  • Frametraxx: Free and royalty-free music for commercial and private use
  • NASA: The space agency has made numerous sound recordings of its space missions available for free download on the internet: spherical sounds, conversations from crew members, etc.
  • imatunes.com: Royalty-free music for free download. The only condition: a mention of where the music comes from.
  • incompetech.com: Over five hundred tracks by composer Kevin MacLeod. You can preview them, search for genres or moods and then download them directly. No registration is necessary. Specifying the song tempo in BPM is useful.

Free sounds and noises

  • Radio play box: Free sound archive in MP3 format
  • freesound: Free sound archive
  • FindSounds: English language sound search engine
  • mediaculture-online.de: Sound archive with speeches, radio plays, music
  • Soundsnap: Sounds, effects, loops
  • ccMixter: Free music community, also with loops and samples
  • AUDIYOU: “Youtube for tones” - noises, free music, interviews and radio plays by users for users. For the download you have to register (free of charge)
  • brickfilms.com: Sound library - archives with atmospheric, comic, outdoor, science fiction and other sounds are available for download on the Brickfilm page
  • Bargus sound library: Some free sounds for direct download
  • Salami sound: Noises and sounds for free use for social and artistic projects

Free but paid music

  • Magnatune: No free, but online licensable music, also for video
  • Audio Network: Free sounds and music that can be bought online
  • IMAtunes: No free, but online licensable music, also for video
  • all free: Constantly growing catalog for music that can be used e.g. on Youtube or Vimeo etc. The songs are composed exclusively for this site.
  • audeeyah: Royalty-free music for private and commercial purposes. All sons are produced by audeeyah itself and are legally compliant. Use only costs a one-time license fee.
  • Firecrest music: Royalty-free music. Customers can choose between nine different license types. Orchestral, epic and emotionally stirring compositions are offered.

Copyrighted but free music

  • Sound spy: The creators of the site regularly browse the net for free offers from music publishers and provide links to the relevant sites and mp3 tracks
  • VGMusic: The makers offer thousands of original tunes from computer games in mp3 and midi format for (free) download.

Many pieces of music and sounds with a Creative Commons license can also be used free of charge under certain conditions.
More about Creative Commons

By the way, there are basic information about music law, copyright and licenses on the website of the Federal Association of Youth and Film (BJF):
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