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Bilingual train

Bilingual teaching

The Max Planck Gymnasium has had a German-English department since the 2007/2008 school year. Our first Bili-Zug successfully passed the Abitur in the 2014/15 school year.
The aim of the bilingual training is to increase the language skills of our students in the increasingly important technical and scientific language of English and thus to provide them with a special qualification, which, in addition to better intercultural competence, should also give them better career opportunities.

Course of bilingual education

The pupils will initially receive more English lessons in grades 5 and 6. From year 7 onwards, the first subject geography is added. Then one or two subjects per year (alternating geography, history, social studies and biology) are increasingly taught in English, with an additional hour each for the bilingual subjects.
In grades 11 and 12, it is possible to continue a bilingual subject, as well as the preparation and acceptance of an English language test, which is intended to create the prerequisites for attending an English-speaking university abroad.

Organizational plan of the German-English department at the MPG :

Contents of the bilingual subject teaching

The bilingual lessons meet the respective curriculum for the subject. The bilingual students are prepared just as well as all other students for the Abitur.
The added value of bilingual teaching lies in the practice of technical language - in both languages, English and German, which improves the bilingual students' ability to study. In addition, the English language enables a larger selection of materials and a multi-perspective approach.

Bridging the Gap - bridging differences

Our bilingual students don't fit into any grid and couldn't be more different - and that's a good thing! Bilingual teaching does not try to uncover gaps in skills, but rather to bridge these differences together.
Particularly clear materials are used and the students are supported in their work in a differentiated manner. Much importance is attached to the exchange, which is why people often work in teams or projects.
The teachers in bilingual classes have a wide range of experiences in English-speaking countries and try to create authentic speaking situations for the students.
Since not only content-related work has to be done, but also linguistic skills have to be conveyed, an additional hour is available for bilingual lessons in each subject.

Info flyer for bilingual teaching at the MPG


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Information in English

Your child is a native speaker of English, or would you like to see it educated in an English-speaking environment? In this case, Max-Planck-Gymnasium offers a fantastic opportunity: the bilingual profile. It has an intense focus on the English language, and (from class 7 onwards) single subjects are taught in English (including tests). On top of that, we are experienced in integrating students that are just about acquiring the German language into our German speaking classes. The advantage for your child: We are an official German High School offering the internationally highly esteemed German A-Level, but with a heart for native and experienced speakers of English.

Contact us via[email protected] or call +497031 / 669-4503 for questions or to register at our school.