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LitExtension Review 2021: Is It The Best Migration Platform? (Features and prices)

In this post, we presented LitExtension Review, which provides detailed insights into LitExtension migration services. So let's dive in.

The main feature of LitExtention is that it automates the migration process between two different platforms. What exactly is LitExtension? It's one of the best platforms that you can migrate your ecommerce platforms to. Isn't it great and far too flexible for the online business to run and make it a broader platform?

Flexibility gives freedom to those who own and rely on these types of ecommerce platforms. When it comes to digital flexibility, you don't need anything.

Conclusion in advance: LitExtension is one of the best shopping cart migration services for merchants and e-commerce professionals. The company was founded in 2011 by a group of great programming experts and has performed more than 150,000 successful migrations for more than 50,000 customers worldwide. That makes them unique in the market. If you want to migrate your shopping cart, Litextension is your best bet.

LitExtension Review: In a nutshell

LitExtension is one of the world's most renowned shopping cart migration services for various retailers and e-commerce experts. This can only be done with the company's dedicated expertise and LitExtension ensures that the best company is there which ultimately makes our job easier.

They ensure that there is a minimum of human intervention and intervention to avoid mistakes and the hassle for a person. Now what if there is someone who is completely dependent on the ecommerce business?

Bread and butter are earned by themselves and suddenly face a problem. All responsibility is taken by the best team that works for you. It appears that this entire platform was designed specifically for this ecommerce expertise.

It is one of the most relevant platforms where expertise can work freely and easily. Because of LitExtension's strong commitment, almost all customers rely on it. That is a large number, and it is not easy to trust easily in business.

As mentioned before, what is LitExtension about and how does it work? Let's dwell on that in a little more detail. It's about moving your ecommerce business to the other shopping cart.

The reasons can be different and internet fluctuations are a real thing. At some point you've grown tall and sometimes you never know what pulls you down? It is nothing more than a statistically developed and fluctuating public that uses the domains.

We need to keep ourselves updated on the statistical value so that you are aware of the fluctuations in the digital world and you can evolve in relation to it.

Not only does this apply to the users, but sometimes there is a need to maintain provider quality in a consistent manner so that users can afford the maintenance, especially for those whose core business is based on the domain factor.

How helpful is LitExtention software to you?

In the early stages of the LitExtension, it was very difficult to put together different people's website from different platforms, which was one of the objections for them when migrating to any domain.

In the meantime, they have loosened and won the trust of customers and built a huge network. There are several reasons why people trust LitExtension.

There are a few points you are considering when you are on top of moving your ecommerce platform to another platform. These are listed below:

  • Now they are helping migrate almost different websites where variety is not a problem and there may be problems too. This gives people a lot of space to trust and rely on this platform. One of the strongest keys to choosing this platform is. There are people who differ from one another in different areas and who want to opt for LitExtension. This is the best way to go and it will only be a win-win situation on both sides.


  • Imagine being transferred to another city. What problems are you facing? It's a lot of work for you in terms of transportation, getting everything from one place to another and so on. It literally exhausts you, but you have no option and eventually you have to.


  • When it comes to a simple application for migration, it seems like there is no more help as we need to make sure all the essentials are carried by you. Similarly, LitExtension takes on all responsibilities for migrating critical data, products, orders, and other critical details. Isn't it great to think of this as a great help? One of the best services provided by them and all of which are kept hassle free.


  • Not just these calming services, but also other creative options that you may not have experienced before and after using them. It makes your portal powerful and great when the ratio of attraction ultimately increases and one can grow through all the freedoms.


  • This is not only where the domain is migrated, but also every saved password and other URLs that are important for your use. This seems like copying and pasting the data on your computer. It works the same way. Since pasting the data into your computer will not do any harm, it is also a platform where you do not have to worry about what is left over and important to you. It will add all the details for you, but on different migrated platforms. A great responsibility for it turns out to be trustworthy forever in relation to everything we need.

According to Online Business, choosing the right ecommerce platform will help boost your business and will help your business look great when it is mentioned on a good ecommerce website. Tangled of newbies should definitely rely on it as it will guide you in every way and literally show you the difference between comparing the different ecommerce platforms and the right one for you.

When you hear migration, you ultimately choose not to and you will be demotivated from within just thinking about the real life workload. Likewise, digital life is not easy, although it can work at our fingertips.

It requires a high level of security in terms of keeping passwords, saved URLs and other important things. You only have one simple goal and that makes the migration as easy as possible when it comes to making sure you are in a better place.

Isn't it wonderful when someone, with the right and perfect care, takes all responsibility? LitExtension takes care of your domain more than we do.

How to migrate with LitExtension

Migrating shopping carts requires a lot of effort and concentration. The steps have to be done meticulously so that the result is perfect. It's absolutely not a cake, not even for experts.

Magento Migration: Migrating Data to Magento with LitExtension (2020)

Surprisingly, the migration process with LitExtension has become very easy. Even if you are not fascinated by the technology, you can still do the tasks you want. With just a few clicks, your entities will be transferred from the source to the target car.

Let's understand the migration with LitExtension step by step.

Specify your destination storage

In order to perform a migration, a target storage must be specified to which the data is to be transferred. The procedure for setting up the target storage is different for different platforms. If you don't have the time or are not a techie, don't worry.

You are in safe hands. All you have to do is subscribe to LitExtension's all-in-one plan. There are experts who will set up the target business for you and take care of everything necessary. You take care of the entire migration process.

Back up your source storage data

LitExtension only duplicates your data from one shopping cart to another. Your source storage data will not be changed during the migration process.

However, it is advisable to back up your data before undertaking any monumental changes. Note that the procedure changes depending on the platform you are using.

Migrate with LitExtension

  • Create an account with LitExtension. You can either register and log in to a new account. You can even sign in with your existing Google or Facebook account.

  • Navigate to the migration page. In the top right, click the Create New Emigration button.

  • Select the source car type and enter the url in the blank bar. Following the tutorial video or wizard information will give you an idea of ​​how to get your password and API information. Fill out the required information in the form.

  • Select the destination storage and enter its URL in the empty bar. Download the LitExtension connector by clicking on it. Derive the zip file and upload the connector to the root folder of the target storage.

  • Click Next to configure the migration. Then specify the entities that you want to migrate. This includes customers, orders, products. Either all of them are selected together or each one individually.
  • Select additional options to expand the capabilities of your migration.
  • You can try the demo migration before purchasing the full migration. If you don't want a demo, you can just skip it.

After the migration is complete, check your shop

You can review the migrated data in your store after the process is complete. However, the data verification process varies across platforms.

Perform the final data migration

To ensure that the migration does not affect the performance of your company, the source storage is kept active by LitExtension during and after the migration. After completing the setup, the newly created data must be transferred from the old to the new memory. This is when the current data migration comes into play.

There are three steps to do this with LitExtension:

  1. Visit your LitExtension account.
  2. From the migration list, select the additional entities that you want to transfer.
  3. Click the "Last Migration" button and follow the steps that you will take to get the whole process set up.

Change DNS and change domains

After the migration is complete, the DNS needs to be changed and the domain switched to the new storage. If you are a beginner you pay a one-time fee and LitExtension offers you this service as well.

You may have convinced yourself of the simplicity of this process with LitExtension. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, migrating with LitExtension is always hassle-free, easy and reliable.

LitExtension: main features

LitExtension has the greatest features that are most useful. LitExtension is working on its deep features making it the best working migration site for expertise. Some important and interesting functions of LitExtension are listed below.

Fully automatic

LitExtension is a fully automated site with a minimum of human involvement and interference. This makes the work look smart and easy.

The world is about getting work done intelligently and safely along with the speed of a working system. So when it comes to “automatics”, people don't care. A great and smooth way to upgrade and rely on LitExtension for migration.

ID retention

When it comes to migrating an entire domain, a person is always concerned about what and how much is being migrated.

LitExtension ensures that every single element belonging to your domain on the previous site is fully migrated to the next site. This also includes your ID RETENTION, which is like a worldwide moment. Your ID will be kept safe without your involvement.

Free demo

When it comes to migrating your entire domain, this is a risk factor. What if you have already paid money but are not satisfied or have missed important information?

LitExtension won't make you upgrade the level as it offers the free demo migration where you can easily assess and know how it works and what service it offers you.

Customer password migration

Isn't it great when the smallest pieces of information take you to another domain or site and contain everything you always wanted? Your password is to migrate from the previous domain to the current domain. The password is securely migrated and you can work as you have already worked, but with a different site that you have chosen.

Smart update

Upgrades and updates are some of the important things to consider when it comes to the internet. In the hectic day of work, you might find yourself worrying about updating the software that you are even using.

With LitExtension you don't even have to worry about updating the software. It intelligently updates your software with new features.

Highly secure data

Litextension gives you the most secure data, while acting as a secure locker where you can rest assured that your data is safe. A trustworthy platform for the secured data that is presented and maintained untouched. It has various built-in features to keep all of your data safe and secure. A client only needs its data to be properly backed up and maintained.


We understand that when we buy an ecommerce space, we look forward to the features mentioned above. They don't think about taking a high risk to your data.

In fact, it protects your data in the form of a protective shield with a high security alarm. We are all not only looking for security, but also a trendy and coveted solution. Once you are done with the trend, you will have the best presence of mind to work on it and discover new creativity to apply it to.

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Customer service

LitExtension takes care of its customers. It opens up various ways for customers to get in touch with them. There are several ways to contact them and resolve your problems. One way to do this is to send your requests to the ticket system. Your official email ID is always there for you to correspond.

When you visit the LitExtension website you will find a chat box in the lower right corner where you can have live chats with them.

You can be called seven days a week from 8 a.m. to midnight. You can chat with them through the chat section Monday through Friday while the timing stays the same. They are available for technical support Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Note that they do not extend support through social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter.

LitExtension alternative

Let's see who all of LitExtension's competitors are in the market.

Next car

Next Cart also deals with the provision of shopping cart migration service. The tool is designed for business owners of all sizes. Freelancers can also purchase the service. There is no limit to the number of migrations that users can perform. It is associated with most of the e-commerce programs. In addition to data migration, it also supports you in setting up your own online shop.

With Next Cart you can customize your migration from Vice. A model database structure is created and it is ensured that your data is migrated according to your requirements.

Various types of customization for expansion, migration, installation, and debugging are also offered. Almost all types of data can be migrated with Next-Cart. A group of consultants ensures that the files are transferred effectively.

Users are also provided with data migration assistance. 100% availability is guaranteed for the source storage. If you have any technical problems, you can always contact the customer service team at any time. They don't take calls. You can email them, send your questions to the ticket system and chat with them.

The fees vary depending on the number of companies in the shopping cart. In case you want to try it out before buying, Next Cart offers you a free trial version for this purpose.

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