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Driving license C1E: add a truck with a trailer


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Control truck and trailer combinations with the C1E driver's license

As a truck driver, acquiring a additional driving license advantageous. Because the range of jobs on offer expands when a C1E class driver's license is available in addition to the normal truck driver's license. The acquisition of this driving license class entitles truck drivers to Controlling a truck with a trailer. The truck / trailer combination can then weigh up to 12,000 kg (12 t).

FAQ: Driving license class C1E

What can be driven with class C1E?

The driving license class C1E entitles you to drive lighter trucks. The combinations can consist of either a class C1 towing vehicle with a trailer of more than 750 kg GVW or a class B towing vehicle with a trailer of more than 3,500 kg GVW.

Which classes are included in C1E?

If you acquire the C1E driver's license, you automatically receive the BE class. If you have a D driver's license, the DE class is also entered.

Which exams have to be taken for class C1E?

The legislature prescribes a practical test for class C1E, which lasts at least 75 minutes. A theory test, however, is not required.

Driving license class C1E - which vehicles can I drive?

With the C1E driver's license, drivers are allowed to drive the following vehicle combinations and classes:

  • Class C1 towing vehicle combined with a trailer or semi-trailer (permissible total weight over 750 kg). The towing vehicle and trailer together may not weigh more than 12,000 kg.
  • Class B towing vehicle together with a trailer or semi-trailer with a gross vehicle weight over 3500 kg (3.5 t). However, the total mass of the towing vehicle and trailer may not exceed a maximum 12,000 kg be.
  • In the driver's license Class C1E is also BE class driving license included.
  • Holders of the C1E driving license are only allowed to drive the D1E vehicles if they also have the D1 driving license.

The C1E driving license is one of the various truck driving licenses, which build on the driving license of class C1. Classes B and C1 can be driven with the C1E driver's license. Class B vehicles are vehicles up to 3.5 t and trailers up to 750 kg gross vehicle weight;Class C1 vehicles are vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 t to 7.5 t. With a C1E driver's license, it is possible to combine a trailer with a permissible total weight of 6 t with a towing vehicle, which also weighs 6 t and comes from class C1. With the C1E driving license it is also possible to combine a car that weighs 3.5 t with a trailer that weighs up to 8.5 t.

Requirements for the driving license class C1E

The following requirements must be met so that a C1E driver's license can be issued:

  • The applicant already has that Minimum age 18 years old be.
  • Only applicants who already have oneClass C1 driving license may acquire the C1E class. C1 already authorizes the driver to drive trucks with a gross vehicle weight of up to 7.5 t.
  • C1E driving license applicants must have a Certificate of medical examination and an eye test prove.
  • Graduates of the C1 driver's license have already taken the mandatory first aid course, so this is not necessary again. However, you must be able to present the certificate on request.

Medical examination before the C1E driver's license

Before the C1E driver's license is issued for the first time, you must candidate get a health check up and pass an eye test. If this is done successfully, you will receive a Assessment, that the registration office needs for the issuance of the driving license. The report must be in accordance with the Regulations from the Driving License Ordinance be designed. It has to be up to date; Reports are only valid for one year. After that, a C1E driving license can no longer be applied for.

Any general practitioner can issue such an opinion. You can also visit the company doctor and ask him about the Preparation of the report ask. Doctors also work at the assessment office of the admissions office; However, the waiting times here can be very long. In principle, however, the certificate on health suitability can also be issued there.

You can also have the eye test carried out by an ophthalmologist. Doctors for occupational or industrial medicine as well as doctors at the health department or an assessment center for fitness to drive are also authorized. The eye test is two years valid. After the two years have elapsed, the eye test must be repeated in order to obtain the Truck license to apply for class C1E.

Expiry of the C1E driving license

Danger! C1E driving licenses issued after January 10, 2013 are only valid for 5 years per se. Only with proof of one medical certificate the driver's license is extended.

If you acquired your C1E driving license before January 19, 2013, it is initially valid until Completion of the 50th year of life valid. When it reaches this age, like the later issued driver's license, it is subject to a time limit and the report for a medical examination must be submitted every 5 years. This must also be a ophthalmological report include. You can find more information in our guide “Truck driving license from 50”.

Will both be timely at the Admission Office presented, the truck driver's license can be extended for a further 5 years. A renewed training but is not necessary here; Submitting the documents is sufficient to lift the time limit.

To renew, you will need your old driver's license and ID card in addition to the health report. Also bring in biometric passport photo for the new EU driving license with.

C1E driving license - costs

The C1E driver's license includes no theorybut limited to practice. As a result, a C1E driving license costs more or less depending on the amount of practical lessons. The expenses for the driving license of class C1E are basically composed as follows:

  • Basic amount
  • Number of driving hours
  • Special trips
  • Presentation for the practical exam
  • TÜV fee for the practical test

Interested parties should plan costs of around 1,000 euros for the C1E driver's license. For specific information, please contact the local driving school with the request for a individual offer for training makes sense here. The C1E driver's license has the advantage that the driver's license can be issued relatively quickly due to the lack of theoretical training. The prerequisite is that the candidate is familiar with the practice gets along well.

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  1. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
    Driving license C1E: Do you write the additional qualification for the truck driving license at the top of this article?
    Since when does a driver's license holder of the CE class have to complete the C1E class, this is included in CE, or am I wrong here now? CE is valid for trucks with semitrailers or trailers with no upper weight limit!
    Please enlighten me, thank you very much in advance
    With best regards
    Jürgen P.

    • Hello Jurgen,

      The C1E is indeed included in the CE certificate. However, if a truck driver only has a C driving license, only the C1 license is included. However, if he wants to pull trailers over 7.5 t, the C1E is an option as an additional qualification.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

      • Dear editors,

        Does that mean that I can drive a towing vehicle> 12t (according to class C) with a trailer> 750kg (according to class C1E) with classes C, C1 and C1E?
        I acquired classes C1 and C1E in 1990, but only got class C afterwards in 2012. I only have class CE with the addition 79 (C1E> 12,000kg, L <= 3) from the old class 3 driver's license.

        Thank you for your assessment.

          • That with the 12 tons, with the old class 3 is no longer acute, I have been working as a driving instructor for some time, with the old class 3 you could drive up to 18.5 tons, as well as trucks and buses, only you didn't see any Carry people with.

          • That is not right. With CE, the trailer may be 1.5 times as much as the towing vehicle. And that as an actual weight. If the trailer could load more, you have to do without weight accordingly.

          • Can a 16-ton trailer be attached if it only weighs 12 tons at this point in time, or or the trailer must be a 12-ton trailer.

          • Hello Christoph,

            When it comes to driving license questions, the permissible total weight is always decisive and not the actual weight. If your driving license only goes up to 12 tons, you are not allowed to drive a 16 ton trailer, even if it weighs less.

            The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

          • Hello,

            I am specifically concerned with the case beyond that: towing vehicle (12t) + trailer (xx t) 12,000kg, L <= 3) drive?

            Many Thanks.

          • Hello Christian,

            the various permits that the driver's licenses give you cannot be freely combined with one another. With your driver's license you can do the following:

            - Without trailer (driving licenses C1 and C relevant): multi-lane vehicles over 7.5 tons
            - With a trailer in accordance with the C1E driving license: towing vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes and trailer - the train may not weigh more than 12 tonnes in total
            - With a trailer in accordance with the CE 79 driving license: towing vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes and single-axle trailer - the train may weigh more than 12 tonnes in total

            To pull a trailer with a vehicle over 7.5 tonnes, you need class CE without any restrictions.

            The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  2. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
    I have the following classes
    A BE C1E CE79 ML
    which vehicles, apart from cars, can I drive professionally and up to how many tons
    thank you in advance

  3. I am 60 years. My C1E expired 10 years ago. Can I reactivate it with a health check or is it over now?

    • Hello Anita Maria K.

      Since your driver's license has expired a long time, you will most likely have to reapply and take another test and meet all other required requirements. The responsible driving license authority can tell you exactly how you should proceed here.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  4. I have the C 1 E, I am 52 years old. But do I drive a taxi for work, so I have regular medical examinations. Do I still have to go to the doctor because of the C1E?

    • Hello Bernd,

      if there is evidence of a medical examination with regard to the driver's license class, it would probably not be necessary. A traffic medical examination is important, however.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.oreg

  5. Thanks for the answer, it is a bit vague for me. We have to see a doctor and an ophthalmologist. As taxi drivers, we are also subject to special medical requirements. Can I now drive a taxi with my driver's license but no longer drive the C1 E. That would be unlikely for me, since we have to take a test every 5 years .. Sincerely, Bernd B.

    • Hello Bernd,

      the examinations - both general and visual tests - are the same for the passenger transport ticket and for the C-classes. A passed examination is therefore valid for both certificates. However, you still have to have the C1E certificate extended in good time.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  6. Hello,

    I have an A, BE, C1E, ML driving license issued on September 23, 1954. B. Carry 12 people? Do I have to renew the certificate or is it valid for a long time? Many thanks for the answer.
    Kind regards.
    Claus Helwig.

    • Hello Claus,
      the ML class does not exist. These are class M (moped) and class L (agricultural and forestry tractors up to 40 km / h). As a rule, classes A, BE, M and L are permanently valid, class C1E up to the age of 50. After that it has to be renewed every five years. You can normally only transport 12 people with the D1, D1E, D or DE driving license classes.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  7. hello bussgeldkatalog.org,

    I have a C1 and C1E driver's license. Can I use it to drive a solo vehicle <12 t? Everywhere you can read that the combination of towing vehicle and trailer up to 12 t can be driven, but what about a pure "12 - ton" truck without a trailer?

    Sunny greetings

    The Daniel

    • Hi Daniel,

      You are not allowed to drive a single vehicle weighing 12 t with C1 and C1E. For this you need a C or CE driving license.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  8. I read if the old class 3 driver's license was issued before December 31, 1998
    and the C1E is on the card, it is valid without an extension.
    Question: is that correct?
    Kind regards

    • Hello Gottfried,

      Driving licenses of the old driving license class 2, which were issued for an unlimited period before December 31, 1998, cannot be subsequently limited in time.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

      • The question was about FS class 3, not 2.
        But in my opinion, the inventory protection for C1E applies, contrary to the statements of the fine catalog, for class 3 driving licenses made before 1998. So no health check, not even after the 50 LJ!

    • Hello singer,

      A motorhome can only be driven with a class B 96 driving license. This is the extended B-class.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  9. Hello
    I come from Kosovo I have class b
    I work in a company assembling furniture and my company wants to pay me driver's license for lkv but I have a question
    why I have to do first grade B and then continue for c and ce
    and how does this Codec 95 work, I have to do it or work without it
    in a driving school told me to go without that but say everything I need the code 95
    Thank you greetings Shatri.

    • Hello Shatri,

      You are not allowed to drive a truck without a class C driving license. The code number 95 is also needed for commercial trips.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  10. Hello,
    We have a truck in the company with a license up to 7.5 t and want to attach a trailer with 3.5 t. Together, however, the train would have 4 axles. Can you drive it with class C1E? An employee says in the small print of the driver's license classes from a driving school would be that it is only possible up to 3 axles.

    • Gernoth for trailers with tandem axles, i.e. 2 axles that are not more than 99cm apart, counts as 1 axle

      to the editors?

      why am I not allowed to drive a motorhome with a class B with a maximum total weight of 3.5t ????

      • Hello Ralph,
        With a class B driving license, you can either pull a trailer with a total permissible weight of 750 kg or the total weight of the train (vehicle + trailer) must not exceed a total weight of 3.5 t. To be able to tow a trailer with a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 t, you need a class BE driving license.

        The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  11. Hello,
    I am 55 years old and acquired FS class 3 before 1980. Since 1995 I have also had the FS class 2; However, this was not extended after reaching the age of 50.
    If I were to apply for the EU driving license, which new FS classes would be automatically adopted and which upon application?
    Greetings from Bavaria.

    • Hello Alex H.,

      As a rule, an acquired driving license is transferred to the EU driving license when it is issued. If a driving license was not extended before the transfer, it is usually not taken over and has to be renewed. The responsible driving license authority can tell you exactly which driving license class will be transferred to the EU driving license in your case.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

    • Hello waschl73,

      With the driving license of class CE79 you can pull combinations up to 18.5t as long as the towing vehicle complies with the C1 regulations. This means that the truck alone must not exceed a permissible total weight of 7.5 t.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

        • Hello waschl73,

          You can use it to drive a truck up to 7.5 tons and a trailer with more than 3.5 tons. However, the train must not be heavier than 12 tons of gross vehicle weight.The code number 95 only indicates that you are authorized to use such a vehicle for work.

          The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  12. Hello I acquired the class B.C1 and C1E on December 15th, 1998 ... it was said until then that I can drive a tractor of 7.49 t with a trailer max. 18 t total weight ... I also acquired the class A in 2002 ... now I am missing the Card with the addition e79 ... I was not told at the time that I was losing something. or that I have to announce it separately ... what is the procedure, costs, etc. It is now professionally decisive for me. MfG T. Warzecha

    • Hello, tobias,

      you must contact the competent authority in this regard. The addition ensures that you are allowed to drive commercially. You may have to catch up on the modules for professional drivers if this is important to you.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  13. For a move we need a 7.5 t truck.
    However, we are all over 50 and have our old driver's license.
    Are we still allowed to drive light trucks?

    • Hello Ute,

      if you have not yet exchanged your old class 3 driving license for an EU driving license, it is still valid. As a rule, you can continue to drive vehicles up to a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 t even after the age of 50.
      You can also find out from the responsible driving license authority whether you have the restricted class C / CE 79. These must be extended after the age of 50 and exchanged for an EU driving license.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  14. Hello,
    I acquired the FS class 3 in 1996, it was rewritten to C1E in 2004 and expanded to include the module entries in December 2016. However, the driver's license office did not enter the CE79 on either of the EU cards. Since I can also drive large trailers (over 3.5t) with the old 3 Series, I am entitled to the code (ownership), right? If so, who will have to pay for the change? And what happens if I have a large trailer without the CE79?

    • Hello Holger,

      You should clarify the matter again with the driver's license office. Also point them out again about grandfathering. Until December 31, 2010, however, CE79 was only granted upon application. If you have a large trailer with you without registering it, you could be liable to prosecution. In this case, you would be driving without a license.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  15. Hello I am now 51 years old and have an old 3 driver's license from 1985 where C1E is entered, I can still drive a pickup with 5.2 tons + a trailer with 6 tons privately or do I have to do an eye test etc. and apply for a new one. Once it says yes and again somewhere else no.

    • Hello Bernd,

      When exchanging for the new credit card driver's license, you do not have to show any separate medical evidence for the possession of class C1E. This is only necessary for the C79 driving license. The train must not be heavier than 12 tons, so your team should be within the legal framework.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

    • Hi Peter,

      With a class C1 driver's license, you may tow trailers with a maximum permissible mass of no more than 750 kg. You need class C1E for the combination mentioned.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

    • Hi Peter,

      With a class C1 driving license, you are allowed to tow a trailer with a maximum permissible mass of no more than 750 kg. For heavier trailers you need class C1E.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  16. I have an Austrian driver's license. Would like to have it rewritten to EU. Class B, C has expired, but only need C1, can I keep it?

    • Hello Franz,

      Basically you have grandfathering for all old driver license classes. Accordingly, class C1 should also be retained after the rewriting.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  17. I am 62 and have a C1 and C1E driver's license without restriction. Still C and CE limited April 9, 2004 (i.e. expired)
    What can I drive in Hessen now? Can I revive C and CE? What do I have to do?
    Thanks Bernd

    • Hello Bernd,

      You have the opportunity to contact the responsible driver's license office with this question.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  18. I already got my driving license in 1994. With the new EU driving license in 1999, I applied for the new classes BE, C1E and ML. My question is how many tons can I drive with C1E now?

    • Hi Sandro,

      if no other key number is noted on your driver's license, you should be allowed to drive trains with a maximum permissible total weight of 12 tons as normal.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  19. Hello, I was a hired professional driver c, c + e, with all 5 modules currently but not yet introduced into a driver's license. I no longer drive trucks in my job. But a friend asked me if I could drive 7.5t to move. On my driver's license I noticed that it had expired and that I had to do a medical examination.
    Can I still drive 7.5t at all?

    • Hello jeremy

      if the driving license has expired, you are no longer allowed to drive vehicles for which the driving license class is designed. You are therefore no longer allowed to move a 7.5-ton truck.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  20. Hello, my old driving license class 3 from 1980 was converted to the EU driving license in 2002. The class C1E is without me! Time limit entered (this only stands for the addition 79). Does that mean that for me there is vested rights (12 T total mass) without an expiry date?
    Kind regards

    • Hello Mario,

      In principle, this should be possible as long as the towing vehicle does not exceed a permissible total weight of 7.5 tons. Basically, the following applies: Class CE 79 entitles you to drive three-axle trains with a class C1 towing vehicle with a total mass of more than 12,000 kg, also trains with class C1 towing vehicles and unauthorized trailers in combination over 12,000 kg as well as combinations in which the permissible total weight of the trailer exceeds the empty weight of the towing vehicle (does not apply to articulated lorries over 7.5 t). Please note, however, that the CE 79 driver's license has to be renewed regularly.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

    • Hello Uwe,

      the best thing to do is to ask the responsible driver's license authority which documents you need. Depending on the purpose of the driving license, you will also need the modules.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org