When should I sell my house

Selling house after 2 years

However, within the ten-year period there are also exceptions in which income tax is not due on the sales proceeds. When a house is between the purchase and sale by the seller himself or one of his children for residential use was used, no tax has to be paid on the proceeds, even if it is sold again after two years.

Example: You notarize the purchase contract for a house on January 6, 2020 and move in yourself. If you then sell the house on January 7, 2022, any profit will remain tax-free because you used the house yourself. The same applies if one of your children lived in the house, you did not ask for rent and you are entitled to child benefit for the child.

This regulation does not only apply to the main residence. It is sufficient if you only live in the apartment temporarily. The following properties are therefore also exempt from taxation:

  • Second homes
  • Vacation property or
  • Houses or apartments that are occupied due to double housekeeping.

For undeveloped land, however, the tax exemption Not may be used, as these cannot be used for residential purposes within the meaning of the law. On the other hand, if a house is sold two years after it was bought that was rented between purchase and sale, income tax must be paid on the profit. The income tax law provides for an exemption limit of 600 euros. Profits that are below this limit do not generally have to be taxed