What Are Some Good YA Dystopian Books

The best dystopias

In dystopian novels, the world as we knew it no longer exists. The books tell of gloomy visions of the future in which everyday life has become a struggle for survival after natural disasters, terrible wars or epidemics. Often in these scenarios totalitarian systems or cruel forces have taken over. But where there is darkness, there is often also the light of hope and courageous heroes fight for justice, change and a better life. In dystopias we follow the fate of these heroes in a future that hopefully never will be. We have selected a few particularly worth reading dystopias for you. Then it's your turn: in the vote, tell us your favorites among the ominous visions of the future!

Tips from the LB editorial team

  1. George Orwell


    First publication: 01/01/1950
    Current edition: 01.06.1994
    Unlike our other tips, this one is not a book for young people, but it is probably the most important work among the dystopian novels: In "1984" George Orwell paints the picture of an authoritarian society that strictly controls its citizens. Winston Smith wants to oppose Big Brother and his laws - and risks his life in the process. Discover the not a bit dusty classic, which is still brand new today and makes you think.
  2. Caragh O'Brien

    The city of the missing children

    First publication: January 24, 2011
    Current edition: 03/11/2013
    400 years in the future: Gaia and her mother, as midwives, are responsible for maintaining a fixed quota of newborns. The first three babies are dropped off at the wall every month, that's the law. When her parents are arrested, Gaia searches for the city beyond the wall and discovers a whole new world. Atmospheric and gripping, this trilogy focuses on the courageous Gaia, you will love her!