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New Zealand: German in distress survives thanks to Navy Seal trick

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German crashes into the sea off New Zealand - and survives because of the "Navy Seal Trick"

In the greatest distress at sea, Arne Murke had an idea that saved his life. The rescue of the German in New Zealand caused a stir.

  • Last week Murke was with his brother on the south coast of New Zealand on a yacht that the duo wanted to bring from Auckland to Brazil. ("New Zealand Herald")
  • Murke went overboard and his life was in danger in the waves of the ocean - his brother tried to save him, but could not reach the young man.

Murke told the New Zealand Herald: "I was dragged in the water next to the boat for a second or two, but luckily the rope came off and I swam in the water without a life jacket. Only my T-shirt, my jeans that was all. "

Dramatic scenes followed: his brother threw a life jacket after the 30-year-old, but Murke couldn't get hold of it. Steer the boat back to her brother in distress? Not possible. This prevented engine damage to the 12-meter yacht.

But Murke had an idea that should ultimately save his life. The North German remembered a technique that he had copied from the US elite combat unit Navy Seals: "I took a deep breath, took off my jeans, made a knot at the end of the legs and puffed the jeans. I pulled them above water and got air in and then pushed it underwater - I had an improvised life jacket. "

Murke had to wait two and a half hours on the open sea - but then the rescue came in the form of the alerted coast guard.

A video from the local coast guard shows Murke with his improvised life jacket being pulled into the safe helicopter by rescue workers.

"Fortunately, I knew the trick with the jeans. Without the jeans I wouldn't be here today, they were really what saved me."

The hours at sea must have been nerve-wracking. Murke recalls: "When I was in the water, I just thought that I couldn't leave my daughter without a father. That was the biggest motivation." And further: "The water burst over me and it got cold. My legs started to shake. I had to inflate the jeans again because they lost a little air, they were kind of twisted."

The experienced sailor digested the distress experience very well, according to the "New Zealand Herald" he is already planning the next adventure: "I know the risk, but I'm not afraid of it. I'll just be super careful in the future. I would never say that I won't go out to sea or that I'm too scared. "


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