How much should I tip in Japan

Vacation: How Much Tip Should I Give in Which Country?

When it comes to tips, there is a lot of uncertainty, especially when traveling. Of course you would like to thank the service staff for a good performance and friendly service. On the other hand, one does not want to embarrass oneself - and appear either as a show-off or as a stingy with the other person.

In fact, it is common practice almost everywhere in the world to rate the tip in restaurants as a percentage of the amount of the bill. However, in two countries you would fatally insult the staff with a tip - regardless of the amount.

Tipping: How Much in France, UK, Austria, Spain or USA?

Egypt and North Africa

As in other North African countries, around ten to 15 percent is common in restaurants. In the taxi it is rounded up. Housekeeping, porters and other service providers are happy to receive a tip of around one euro.


In the restaurant or café, ten to 15 percent is given, depending on the order. "Le pourboire" is usually just left on the table. In the hotel the obolus is not compulsory, in the taxi round up is sufficient.


Around ten percent is common in restaurants and one euro in tavernas. Housekeeping should get a small tip on the day of departure - preferably personally. You can round up in a taxi.

Great Britain

The "tip" should be ten percent in British restaurants. If a "service charge" is already listed on the invoice, it may be less. Tipping is not customary in the pub, but should be rounded up in the taxi.

Italy and Croatia

A tip of ten percent is considered appropriate. Often in Italy the "coperto" appears on the bill, a kind of basic fee for place setting and bread. Then the tip can be lower. In the hotel the maid receives one to two euros per day, in a taxi rounding up is enough.


A tip of 10 to 15 percent is appropriate in restaurants and taxis. In the hotel, the porter receives one euro per piece of luggage, the housekeeper one to two euros per day.

Portugal and Spain

In gastronomy, five to ten percent "gorjeta" or "propina" are left on the table. A tip of around ten percent is customary in a taxi.


Ten to 15 percent is appropriate in the restaurant. Less than ten baths is considered an insult.


In gastronomy, between ten and 15 percent "baksheesh" is common, giving nothing at all seems impolite. Housekeeping or porters are happy to receive the equivalent of around one euro extra. In the taxi it is rounded.

USA and Canada

The "tip" of 15 to 20 percent is a must in restaurants because of the low wages. Porters receive Canadian dollars or one to two dollars per baggage, housekeeping at least two dollars per night. 15 percent is given in a taxi.

On cruises

The question of tips is regulated differently depending on the shipping company. In the case of international tour operators in particular, it is only charged on board, sometimes as an automatic fee on the on-board account. Some cruise lines suggest tips of 10 euros or 13.50 dollars per day.

No tipis expected in Scandinavian countries, but can be rounded up if the service is very nice. And in China and Japan Outside of international hotels and tourist centers, tips are even considered an insult - so you should avoid a surcharge if at all possible.

In no country in the world do tiny amounts of less than ten cents cause great gratitude. In addition, except in the USA, the tip should never be added with a credit card, otherwise the amount will end up on the bill and not reach the waiter or porter in full. (AZ)

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