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Marvel's Avengers End Declared

Marvel's Avengers has a pretty clear story, but in typical Marvel fashion, the ending opens the door to a whole host of possibilities. Marvel's Avengers introduces a ton of concepts and characters over the past hour that could potentially have a significant impact on the game's future story, which is very exciting for Marvel fans. With MODOK defeated (or is he?) And AIM under new management, now is the time to ponder the next major threat the Avengers will face. Everything you need to know about the ending of Marvel's Avengers is here, including what happened to MODOK and what has to do with this Kree Sentry.

Marvel's Avengers End Declared

After Captain America rescues and the team is finally back together, The Avengers confront MODOK with a final battle. The most powerful heroes on earth are using their most powerful skills to defeat MODOK, but it seems that there was more going on below the surface than expected. A huge figure rises from the water and surprises the team. Only Thor can recognize the giant for what it is - a Kree sentry.

MODOK seems to be able to control the sentry, so the Avengers have to take him out. Despite the team's best efforts, the giant is too much to handle. With the help of laser beams from his eyes, the MODOK-controlled guard Hulk gets stuck, forcing him to go to Dr. Return banner. Kamala then has her superhero moment and uses her Embiggen power to defeat the Kree sentry. She returns home and is verbally abused by her father, but he understands and allows her to continue her efforts as a superhero.

A post-credits scene shows that Monica Rappaccini has taken control of AIM and created several clones of herself. As the new Scientist Supreme, Monica would like to pursue her goals even without Tarleton / MODOK. The defeated Kree Sentry then throws a green object into the sky.

What was the Kree Sentry?

Kree Sentries are giant robots built by an alien race called the Kree to defend military outposts and depots. The Kree are an important part of the Marvel Universe, and the existence of a Kree Sentry on Earth in the game shows that the Kree not only exist in the Marvel's Avengers Universe, but are also interested in our planet and may show up at some point soon.

Why the Kree Sentry was at the foot of San Francisco Bay is still a mystery. During the Avengers campaign, Captain America reveals that he smashed the Terrigen Crystal reactor himself after seeing a huge unusual energy meter under the bay. Something down there was reacting to the Terrigen crystal, and that something happened to be the Kree sentry.

What the Kree did on Earth remains to be seen, but this probably won't be the last time we see them in Marvel's Avengers. The post-credits scene shows a green capsule being thrown into space from the sentry post, and this is likely some kind of signal to the rest of the Kree forces. They'll likely show up in a future update for the game and investigate what happened to their sentry.

What happened to MODOK?

MODOK was defeated by The Avengers, but there is no official confirmation of what actually happened to him. After Kamala uses her powers to defeat the Kree Guard Post, MODOK falls from the giant robot into the sea. MODOK's Destiny is in the air. This may not be the last time we hear from Tarleton. Given that he controlled the sentry during the fight, chances are he was the one who triggered it to send that green capsule into space. There is none of MODOK's signature purple electricity, however, so it is unlikely to be behind the Kree Sentry's signal.

What happened to monica

With Tarleton out of the picture, Monica Rappaccini has taken control of AIM. As the newly elected Scientist Supreme, she will continue her work and break new ground such as cloning and time travel. She even made several clones of herself, as seen in the post-credits scene. During the campaign, Tarleton injected her with her own regenerative formula, meaning she is more powerful than ever. The first post-launch stories around Kate Bishop and Hawkeye will show more of Monica after the events of the campaign. So look forward to the months ahead. Right now, you can work on taking them off in the Avengers Initiative.

- This article was updated on: September 7th, 2020

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