How to grow radishes in containers

Growing radishes indoors

Botanical name: Raphanus sativus

Can you grow radishes indoors? For sure! While it's uncommon to grow radishes indoors, you can manage to ripen an early spring harvest even earlier in the year. That means you have tasty vegetables on hand that you don't have to harvest outdoors in bad weather.

What do radishes like? Lots of sunlight, cool floors, lots of moisture, but good drainage and a growing medium - dirt - with a generous amount of organic matter. Stones, pebbles and lumpy clay soils? Not as much.

Start with the location. Find a sun-kissed spot on a porch or window sill, or have lights put on. Next container. Make sure the containers are large enough to accommodate full root growth. that is, it is also important to choose varieties that do not grow too big:

  • Perfecto. A pretty red radish that is nicely rounded.
  • Sparkler. Reliable and ready to harvest at an inch in diameter.
  • Table tennis. A round white radish with white flesh inside.
  • Easter egg. This mixture can be harvested a bit at a time.
  • Cherry Belle. A standard radish. Start harvesting in a compact state.
  • What shouldn't grow indoors - daikon radishes, unless the container is several feet deep.

The soil that goes into these containers is also important. It should be a mixture of good quality potting soil, supplemented with an additional dose of sterilized compost. To grow radishes indoors, you need to have rich, loose soil to allow the roots to expand freely.

Water? After planting seeds in the containers, water is first sprayed from above. Keep the soil moist. As soon as the first shoots appear, water regularly and regularly with a watering can. Radishes should never sit in water, but they like enough moisture to plump the roots.

Sow radish seeds sparingly around the house. You may not need to dilute at all if you plant half a dozen seeds in each medium-sized container and then let them all grow to maturity. If you plant thicker and then thin the radishes, use those thinned sprouts in soups, salads, and sandwiches.

Also, keep in mind that fast germinating radish seeds can be planted together with other seeds that germinate much more slowly. Like two cultures in one.

Those who want to know how to grow radishes indoors should also consider hydroponics. Hydroponics uses various nutrient solutions that circulate through water and sometimes a light growing medium instead of soil.

These growth media include various volcanic and mining by-products, clay pellets, gravel, and wood fibers.

Hydroponics works particularly well in small apartments and in very cold climates.

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