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Interview with Boris - Blogger on unterlenker.com

Boris landed with his blog unterlenker.com, in the choice of the top bike blogs 2016, in first place in the racing bike category. Congratulations! We asked him a few questions about his blog and himself. The answers are here:

fahrrad.de: How would you describe your blog?
Answer Boris: Up unterlenker.com I write about cycling with and on the racing bike. Every now and then I drive on unpaved roads, but my terrain is the road. Reports about training laps can be found as well as those about license races and everyone events. I also like to deal with training and sports science aspects. In addition, I write about everything that I find interesting and that has to do with cycling. In the end, the spectrum is quite wide, but it always revolves around the racing bike.

fahrrad.de: What was your best experience on the bike?
Answer Boris: There is no such thing as the best experience. Winning bike races is great. But the long training round with good legs through the high forest in Northern Saarland can be just as great. Or the cappuccino round with friends. Cycling in the south is always good. And mountains, of course. The event that impressed me the most last year was the Jedermann edition of Paris-Roubaix. The cobblestones are a must as a cyclist. Incredible what a race! But the most unusual experience of my cycling career was a tour of New Caledonia, I think in 1999. I have to write about that too. 10 days of cycling on the Pacific under palm trees and with some epic climbs on dirt roads.

fahrrad.de: How did it all start?
Answer Boris: When I was nine years old, I got a half-burner. This is no longer sold today. With fenders, lights and luggage rack. Gradually everything was unscrewed until it looked like a real racing bike. The tours got longer and at some point I got a real racing bike. A red Centourion, steel frame, down tube gear lever, 10 gears (total), tubular tires, hook pedals. Then came the first races and so on.

fahrrad.de: What do you do when you are not writing any reports on your blog?
Answer Boris: Cycling and thinking about the next blog post. In fact, I now check everything that I experience on and off the bike for “blog post suitability”. Whenever the list of topics gets a little shorter, new things appear out of nowhere. And of course being a father, husband, son, employee, caretaker and gardener.

fahrrad.de: How many and which bikes do you own?
Answer Boris:

  • An aero racing bike, my only bike with a name: Black-Prince.
  • The predecessor is still in the basement, for a bike with an aluminum frame and 10-speed Sram Force you don't get anything anymore, so I prefer to keep it. As a spare wheel.
  • Plus a Cube Aeron time trial bike, which doesn't really fit me and which I will probably sell.
  • A 26 “old school hardtail MTB with an aluminum frame
  • A Focus Mares AX cross / winter bike with mudguards
  • An even older 26 “hardtail MTB without suspension fork that I converted into a single speed. Great for going into town or on vacation on the North Sea beach
  • And a wonderful Cinelli steel frame made of SLX tubes with a Campa Chorus and Record 9-way mix.
  • Then there are the various children's bikes and my wife's bike.
  • fahrrad.de: Do you have routes that you particularly enjoy driving?
    Answer Boris: The high forest in northern Saarland and over to Rhineland-Palatinate is an Eldorado for cyclists: hardly any traffic, great landscape, forest as far as the eye can see, climbs that deserve the word mountain and an almost endless choice of routes. The other direction on the Saargau and into France is just as calm, but has completely different characteristics. Rolling hills in an open, agricultural landscape draw on your strength. Completely different than in the high forest. If all of this is too strenuous or simply quiet basic endurance rides are the order of the day, you can drive up and down the Saar and Moselle. The bike paths there are excellently developed, so that you can also drive in the valleys largely without car traffic. All in all, this is a very underrated area for cycling.

    fahrrad.de: What is special about cycling for you?
    Answer Boris: Perhaps most of all the freedom and the radius of action. You can discover and see so much and do it entirely on your own. And you can let your thoughts run free. At this point I always like to quote Hemingway: "It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them."

    fahrrad.de: Which places would you like to visit by bike?
    Answer Boris: A few years ago I read a report about cycling in Norway. There they drove, among other things, the Trollstigen. That would be something different than flying to Mallorca for the umpteenth time.

    fahrrad.de: What are the most interesting cycling events for you?
    Answer Boris: Everything has its place and is great in its own way. Small license races as well as perfectly organized large events. I can't put anything in the foreground

    fahrrad.de What are you most angry about in general?
    Answer Boris: I generally try to get angry as little as possible. This is just wasted life.

    fahrrad.de: What other blogs do you like to read?
    Answer Boris: I have dozens of blogs in my feed reader, including some of the top cycling blogs. I also particularly enjoy reading “The Inner Ring”, “Bike Snob NYC”, “The Science of Sport”. I'm curious about the reports from Torsten Frank, who will drive the Transcontinental Race this year and who will report on the preparations and the race himself on torstenfrank.wordpress.com.

    fahrrad.de: What would you wish for if you had one wish free?
    Answer Boris: Oh, that's a tough question. What else can you wish for besides world peace if you don't want to appear totally selfish? So then: One wish: world peace and health for all. Good luck, lucky fairy!

    Many thanks for the time and the answers to Boris from unterlenker.com.

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    On Boris's blog (unterlenker.com) readers will find various topics related to racing bikes, but sometimes also about other bike topics. You can read new articles here relatively regularly. Boris describes his personal point of view and the tours and events he has experienced, as well as interesting reports on cyclists and cycling races with his own opinion.

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