What is an iCal link

Instructions - iCalendar data interface (.ics / .iCal):
The data interface is an optional, chargeable additional function in CKalender, which must be activated by your CKalender administrator.

You can display appointments from other calendar systems in CKalender live * using the .iCal data interface.
All you need is a URL to a valid .ical / .ics / file or script. This can be easily generated in most calendar systems.
To integrate it into the calendar, navigate to Admin menu item "User groups". Create a new user group here.
Simply enter this .iCal URL in the "External event source" field. (Extended view)
Do not forget to give your users the appropriate reading rights for this new external user group.
Finished! - From now on, these external appointments will also appear in your CKalender calendar views.

* The URL is retrieved / updated from the source a maximum of every 15 minutes.

Tip: In this way, you can also show appointments from partner organizations (who use CKalender independently of you) live * in your CKalender views!
To do this, simply have an iCal URL generated (as described below under Data export) and integrate this into your organization calendar using the method described here.

With the iCalendar data interface, you can transfer appointment data for other calendar systems (which also support the iCalendar format, such as e.g. MS Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal, iPhone, Android, Mozilla Lightning, ...) export.
This allows you to show the selected appointments live in this other calendar system (usually as a separate calendar sheet).

Simply configure under the "ICalendar" menu item your desired appointment selection and then copy the URL displayed accordingly into the target calendar system.
How often the target calendar system reads the data from CCalendar is a matter for the displaying system and can be configured there if necessary.

Please note, however, that a maximum of 20 requests / updates per hour are possible per user.
Please also note that this is a subscription interface (unidirectional) - not a synchronization interface (bidirectional). This means that in the target calendar you can view all the appointments from CKalender to which you have subscribed, but you cannot manipulate (add / change / delete) them.

An integration aid for various frequently used systems can be found logged in in the C calendar, also under the menu item "iCalendar".

Data export of individual appointments:

Individual appointments can also be transferred to other systems in this way. To do this, simply click on the link "Download as iCalendar entry" in the appointment detail view and send the data to the target system.

Data export of current appointment selection / appointment list:

In the appointment list view, you can also call up a currently displayed selection of appointments once in iCalendar format by clicking on the "iCal" link and use it in another system.