Are Greco-American Republicans

USA: Trump only wants new buildings in the Greco-Roman style

Donald Trump wants more "beautiful" buildings - and has therefore issued an order whereby federal authorities should increasingly build in the classic style in the future. In stark contrast to Trump's own real estate.

One month before the end of his term in office, US President Donald Trump ordered that "beautiful" designs, and in particular the Greco-Roman style, would have to be preferred for new buildings in the decision-making power of the federal authorities. Classic and other "traditional" construction methods should be encouraged, according to a Trump ruling published on Monday (local time).

The President complained that an "incoherent mixture" had developed in the buildings of the federal authorities since the 1950s. In the Greco-Roman style, the White House, the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial were built in Washington.

Trump buildings are made of glass with a lot of gold

The AIA Chamber of Architects "unequivocally" contradicted Trump's order. The municipalities must have the right and the responsibility to decide for themselves which type of architecture is best for them, explained AIA boss Robert Ivy. He announced that he would work with future US President Joe Biden on this issue. At the same time, Ivy was relieved that Trump's order was "not as far-reaching" as initially assumed.

Before taking office in the White House, Trump was best known as a real estate mogul. The buildings that belong to his empire belong to the modern glass and steel architecture, often decorated with gold jewelry.