What are some good English language podcasts

Our 10 favorite podcasts in English

The best way to improve your listening comprehension is to listen to native speakers speak. And to achieve that goal, English podcasts are the perfect means.

Our favorite English podcasts

You can listen to them in the shower, before bed, on your commute, and even at the gym, so what could be disliked about them? Okay, there are boring podcasts too. However, you certainly can't get enough of the fantastic podcasts we bring you here. We've selected five podcasts from the United States and five from the United Kingdom so you can focus on an accent or take a bit of each with you. Here is our pick of the best podcasts for learning English.

American podcasts


Serial is a factual, research journalism podcast run by Sarah Koenig, producer of This American Life. He is investigating the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee, an 18-year-old American student from Baltimore. Her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed was convicted of her killer after failing to provide an alibi to authorities. The show seeks to resolve the case by reopening it and tracking down and interviewing all of the main characters in the process. Serial is incredibly addicting, so make sure you allow enough time before you start listening.


Welcome to Night Vale

This comedy podcast is set in the fictional desert town of Night Vale and features news, traffic information and weather reports from this unreal place. The podcast is so funny that it caught our attention through Tumblr - where most of today's successful internet stories are born. It's hard to say much about the plot of Welcome To Night Vale because of its uniqueness, but we encourage you to give the podcast a try - you're guaranteed to love it.


Love + radio

Love + Radio is a podcast where each episode is about the story of a special individual. For example, previous editions were devoted to online dating, the New York Jewish community, and portraits of numerous artists. Dive in as you enjoy hyperreality and narration of the lives of unique characters you would otherwise never encounter.


Pop Culture Happy Hour NPR

This podcast is a good way to improve your listening skills on the one hand and your knowledge of American pop culture on the other. As the name suggests, the show offers a conversation about current culture-relevant content such as a specific film, book, television show or any other significant cultural event. The main editor of the mostly fun podcast is Linda Holmes, the NPR writer. We believe that Pop Culture Happy Hour is exactly what you should listen to while relaxing on a hot summer day or evening.


Reply All

The following slogan says everything you need to know about Reply All: It's a show on the internet. The podcast is published by a team that previously worked on Radiolab and This American Life, to name a few. “La crème de la crème” in the podcast world, as the French would say! Each episode focuses on a particular trend or aspect of the internet, from Craigslist to what happens if you send an email to the wrong person. A "must-hear" for all internet freaks (and all those who wish to understand this better).


British podcasts

The Inquiry

Obviously you can't talk about British podcasts without mentioning the good ol 'BBC, right? This podcast is very helpful and interesting because each episode involves experts analyzing a hot topic from the news. For example, past episodes have addressed the question of whether streaming is good for the music industry or whether a restriction would be good practice. You'll like the podcast if you're interested in current affairs and wish the world around us made more sense.


No Such Thing As A Fish

This weekly English podcast series is an ode to the bizarre and wonderful world of trivialities and fun facts. Each episode introduces four random facts that the show's operators came into contact with. To give you a better idea, the final topics included “The oldest known dentistry is 9,000 years old”, “There is a banker in Latvia who will lend you money if you promise him your immortal soul as security” and “The English one Language borrowed more words from the Hawaiian language than from the Welsh language. "


Spark London

Spark London takes inspiration from similar American podcasts that focus on real life. The podcast consists of real people who tell their own story. Members of the general public are invited to tell their own true story in less than five minutes during the storytelling evenings. Each person's story is then recorded and uploaded online for your listening pleasure.


The Bugle

The Bugle is edited by stand-up and television comedians Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver. It's a satirical podcast that attacks current events in a hilarious and witty way. Not only do they use their knowledge to produce sharp analyzes, they are also incredibly funny. One of the co-editors relies on persistent ranting and the other maintains his pride in his skill with words.


The Football Ramble

Are you a soccer fan? Then “The Football Ramble” is exactly what you need! This podcast has been around since 2007 and many listeners feel like they were listening to their friends having a conversation in the pub. The operators discuss European and global football and deliver news as well as funny stories. They also answer questions and emails from the audience. They laugh at themselves and at normal people who love football and they are pretty funny at the same time - what could not be liked about that?

As you can see, there is a huge selection of good English podcasts out there. Which do you like best?