Why is English very important

Why is English important to you?

We all learn English in school, but how long has it been since you graduated from high school? Is your school English good enough, for example, to make intensive phone calls with your English-speaking colleagues abroad or to do business with international companies?

There is no getting around English. The language is everywhere and you will come across it again and again. Whether at home or abroad, there are innumerable situations in which it is useful to be able to speak and understand English.
So, for those who are still weighing up whether it's worth investing their hard-earned money in an English course, here are some top reasons you should improve and deepen your English skills. If you want to know how English can improve your life, read on. . .

Traveling without knowing English makes your life a lot more complicated. Airports, roads and trains are labeled in English almost everywhere. The hotel staff, the information and check-in staff all speak English, the world language.

A command of the English language is often a requirement or selection criterion for a job. For almost all companies increases
Your worth if you have a good command of English. There is also the opportunity to work abroad. So English will improve your career prospects in every way.

And then there is the internet. As you browse the Internet and maintain social media skills, English will help you as most of the sites, articles, and information are in English.

Last but not least, Learning a foreign language also stimulates your brain. It takes patience, memory, analytical and social skills. . . and learning a foreign language can also be a lot of fun, especially in a group.
Do you now understand why it is so important to learn English and have a reasonably good command of this language?

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