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Become self-employed as an app developer

What would modern smartphones be and apps? These small but very useful or entertaining programs prove to be immensely enriching in everyday life. They help to master the challenges of the day or provide an entertaining change. Apps have grown rapidly in recent years: According to a study, an average of 90 apps are installed on smartphones in Germany, 30 of which are used regularly. In terms of demand, this is reason enough to take a closer look at the future-oriented business idea of ​​'self-employed with app development' in this article.

Basic classification of the business start-up as an app developer

Due to the widespread use and high demand, apps have grown in recent times Has blossomed into a successful division within software development over the years. Therefore, apart from self-employment as a software developer, it is definitely advisable to take a closer look at this area. If you want to be successful as a self-employed app developer, From a purely technical point of view, you have to be an excellent programmer with in-depth specialist knowledge. But that alone is not enough: Business start-ups must be able to assess the market and user behavior very well in order to recognize trends and develop apps that offer convincing added value. And those who do their own thing with app development have to market themselves with a wide reach and ensure lucrative orders. This already addresses central issues that are outlined in this article in a practice-oriented manner. In view of the increasingly mobile Internet use, it undoubtedly seems to be a future-oriented growth market, Which clearly speaks in favor of this business idea in terms of the framework conditions.

Starting a business as an app developer: becoming self-employed in software development

  • Analysis of the initial situation

  • Market data for the business plan

  • Win customers / projects as an app developer

  • Requirements for starting a business as an app developer

  • Earnings in app development?

  • What is important for sustainable success


Analysis of the initial situation

There are currently around 700,000 software developers in Germany. In addition to excellent prospects for the future, above-average earning opportunities speak for this profession. Most developers are employed, With over 100,000, the number of freelancers continues to grow. In addition to a higher income, the prospect of maximum flexibility is a decisive motivation for many app developers to start their own business. If goals and content including deadlines are in place, the necessary working hours can be freely allocated. From a purely structural point of view, there is a lot to be said for starting your own business as an app developer. Many companies want to work flexibly with experts, especially since projects are time-limited anyway. In this respect, freelance experts can work together on a project basis with all those smaller companies that do not want or cannot create their own position in this area. From the customer or company perspective, there is the advantage that the costs for developing an app can be calculated fairly precisely. This advantage can in turn be used in marketing or in preparing offers.

Challenges for this business idea

The flexibility in terms of working time and location naturally has its price. Because in order to get lucrative orders, intensive acquisition is sometimes necessary. Experience shows that this work is not much fun for most of the self-employed and is not remunerated. On the other hand, just a few lucrative jobs per year are enough to generate high earnings. In this respect, the acquisition pressure is kept within manageable limits. A much greater challenge can be seen in internationalization.

In general, app development is a very international field. There are countless companies that develop apps for German customers all over the world, sometimes at more favorable terms. In this respect, it will be necessary to stand out from the crowd. With regard to app development, this can be achieved through a specialization or niche strategy, for example. Anyone who has specialist knowledge in a popular area can be a decisive step ahead of the competition. On the other hand, as a sought-after expert, there are international opportunities to work with very well-known clients. If you start with an app and quickly gain awareness, it should be much easier to position yourself as a sought-after expert. But it can take years for that to happen. And ultimately, you can earn good money with many supposedly small projects.

Low entry barriers as an advantage of this business idea

Anyone who is on the move as a lone fighter can get started immediately and without significant investment. In many cases, the required hardware and software are already available so that the app developer can start work after successful acquisition. Starting a business only becomes more complex and cost-intensive if a small team or company is to be founded. In this case, a business plan should precisely specify the strategic direction and the planning of the finances. Especially with young and innovative startups in this area, it is not uncommon for several developers to join forces. Capital and knowledge can be bundled, business risks are spread across several shoulders.

Market data for the business plan: sketching potential

Without exaggeration, it can be said that the app developer is a future job. Mobile Internet use is already becoming more and more important. Experts suspect that smartphones and other mobile devices will soon set the tone when it comes to Internet use. Therefore, there will be more and more apps with which everyday life can be simplified. The fact that this is a lucrative market is shown by the sales in the large Apple or Google app stores (24 and 12 billion dollars, respectively). In Germany, the use of apps is one of the most important activities on the Internet for 86% of users. The most successful application in this country is WhatsApp with over 33 million users. This number shows the enormous range that can be used with a successful app. In second and third place are Google Play and YouTube, each with more than 27 million users. Anyone who wants to evaluate these numbers should always proceed in a very differentiated manner. An app can only be really successful if the number of daily or very regularly active users is very high. And then it depends on what income the app generates through fees or advertising. Here it becomes clear that in addition to programming knowledge, above all a business management approach is necessary in relation to one's own offer.

Gaining customers / orders as an app developer

Basically there are two options that can be combined if necessary. Classically, app developers implement customer requests and build a tailor-made app, for example to map a company process. This enables companies to offer their customers better service or other added value. Alternatively, app developers can also proactively complete an application and try to place it on the market. This is a riskier variant. Ultimately, it's not sure how many downloads or paid subscribers there will be. From a business point of view, it is therefore advisable to use a mixed strategy. And who knows: maybe an app creation will turn out to be a real bestseller after a short time ...

Apart from that, it is important to market yourself as a sought-after and high-performance app developer with a large reach. A corresponding search engine optimized homepage should therefore not be missing in the marketing mix. Experienced app developers are familiar with relevant specialist sites and project exchanges. Here, too, it is important to show presence and to win one or the other order without significant resources for the acquisition. Many platforms already have a high reach because they are active worldwide. In this respect, nothing stands in the way of an internationalization strategy, even at the start of a business start-up.

Requirements for starting your own business as an app developer

Starting a business as an app developer will not be able to function without in-depth programming knowledge. After all, there shouldn't be any problems later in the app operation or functional failures. If this is the case with an app, it will probably be uninstalled immediately on most smartphones.

In order to be able to position yourself as a sought-after expert in the relevant environment, are excellent market knowledge required. In order to program a promising app and then market it precisely, a keen sense for trends is essential. There are no special requirements or even hurdles to set up as an independent app developer. Studying computer science can be very helpful, but it is not an absolute requirement. Many successful programmers are self-taught who have acquired their own expert knowledge over many years. In this respect, this business idea is definitely suitable for lateral entry. Ultimately, in practice, for each customer / project it will depend on which qualifications the app developer must be able to demonstrate. Alternatively, app developers can submit their references as proof of qualification.

Status as an independent app developer

There is no general statement here. With a relevant degree, the chance of being recognized as a freelancer by the tax office increases. In this case, no tissue registration would be required. However, this presupposes that all relevant specialist services are provided with a corresponding level of creativity. If you only work strictly according to customer specifications, you should check the obligation to register a business. A consultation at the local finance or trade office can be very informative in this regard. One-sided dependencies with only one client are definitely to be avoided. The suspicion that this is a pseudo self-employment will quickly arise. This creates significant financial disadvantages for freelancers.

Earnings as an app developer?

Numerous data indicate that freelancers in the IT sector earn significantly better than salaried colleagues. An average hourly wage is often mentioned, which is around 80 euros per hour. In light of this, it quickly becomes clear that self-employed app developers have excellent earnings prospects. Anyone who works full-time and is busy can easily earn more than 10,000 euros a month. And in view of this, bad weeks, which are characterized by unpaid order acquisition, are put into perspective. The hourly wages are average values. In order to get jobs in the start-up phase with smaller companies, the hourly wage can also be lower. With the required specialist knowledge, it is quite realistic to aim for an hourly wage of 100 euros. If you want to get involved internationally, you should get an overview of the respective situation in the target country.

The self-employed bear a high tax burden

As a high-wage country, Germany has a very high income as an independent app developer, which, however, is also taxable. In addition, the costs for health and pension insurance must be borne 100% by the self-employed. In this respect, a high gross wage per month after deducting all costs is put into perspective. As far as health insurance is concerned, independence opens the way to private health insurance.

Think about the future through training

Digitization is advancing rapidly, and new technologies will keep coming onto the market. Accordingly, the programming options do not stop. Anyone who wants to offer their customers attractive added value should consequently continue their education in view of this. Technical literature is required reading so that you don't miss the international connection and to always be able to offer very contemporary solutions with regard to your own range of services. Further training is an absolute must, especially in the area of ​​app development, in order to work consistently on your own competitiveness. And with a view to the mentioned earning potential, the following applies: Those who demand a high hourly wage must also be able to do more than the direct competition!

Summary for the business idea 'become self-employed as an app developer'

  1. Due to the increasing use of mobile internet, app development has developed into a separate division in recent years

  2. At 86%, the use of apps is one of the most important factors in terms of internet habits

  3. Apart from the app development according to customer requirements, there is the possibility of placing your own creations on the market

  4. When marketing as a sought-after expert, it is important to focus on reach, not least because of the internationalization

  5. With an average hourly wage of around 80 euros, independent app developers can hope for above-average earning opportunities

  6. Secure competitiveness: Through constant training, app developers can offer customers services that are state-of-the-art and are therefore future-proof.