Jodie Arias had BPD

What's new at Jodi Arias?

Just when you thought it was safe to turn your TV back on, Jody is Arias Baaaaack! This time as an artist who sells her hand drawings - also known as tracings - through her website. She is also filing for bankruptcy, claiming she did not have enough money to keep her commissioner account in jail.

I have to admit that I was fascinated by the Arias case from the start. Not just because of their outrageous behavior, but also because of the passion of armchairs determined to diagnose to explain their outrageous behavior. Let's see what's new with this manipulative, self-centered murderess as she waits through the sentencing phase for her first-degree murder conviction.

The trial against Arias was an international sensation. The world watched mesmerized and mesmerized while it was cruel Crime Still photos were shown, and Arias and prosecutor Juan Martinez openly fought and exchanged insults. The trial had a circus feel to it and intrigued the public, who loved every second of the despicable performance. It was the hottest since the OJ trial, and in fact, as I discussed in a previous blog, the two had a lot in common.

During the process, Arias sketched and sold these drawings on eBay for up to $ 400 each, and there was no shortage of buyers. She is currently asking for $ 1,500 for a sketch called "Angel" that looks like a kind, gentler Jodi.

How can that be? She is not allowed to use a cell phone or computer in prison. However, she is allowed to give anything to anyone, including the drawings. With the help of an outside source, she has a Twitter account and a website,, where you can buy her art.

Payment is accepted through PayPal and you can make a donation to help her through another website, It is speculated that thousands of dollars were donated to this convicted killer.

Meanwhile, Arias made a hard, handwritten 12-page move and asked Judge Sherry Stephens to remove Chief Defender Kirk Nurmi. He fails to point out that he does not like her (he even admitted this in court) empathy and, among other things, is not trustworthy.

Attempting the judgment phase again will determine whether Arias will be given life or death, unless an agreement has been reached. In this case, Judge Stephens has two options: life in prison with 25-year probation or life without parole.

What's new about Jodi's psychological status? Absolutely nothing that would change my mind. As discussed in Jodi Arias - Guilty, Murder 1: A Psychiatric Analysis Jodi has NO psychiatric diagnosis. There is no antisocial personality disorder (is Jodi Arias a sociopath?), She is not crazy, and she is not an abused woman (is Jodi Arias an abused woman?). She does not have BPD (Does Jodi Arias have borderline personality disorder?) And does not suffer from PTSD.

A criminal and a murderer, Jodi acts and thinks exactly as we would expect if there was the possibility of a fatal injection. It's true, Jodi only thinks of Jodi. But what would another convicted murderer do at this point? Just anything that can be done to delay, distract and combat the death penalty. The only possible victory is to stay out of death row and hope for the possibility of parole in 25 years.

Did Arias deserve a lethal shot for murdering Travis Alexander, the man she claimed he molested her and still loved? Will she "win" with a belief in life? The clock is ticking, and her shrewd, sensible mind pulls out all the stops to avoid the fate she once claimed to embrace: death.