What does the Tamil word Sullan mean

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Bern is where Tamil-speaking people would like to be in their dreams.
A united struggle of Sinhalese and Tamil people is still needed to defeat this regime and fight for the right of self-determination for the Tamil-speaking people.
A united struggle by Sinhalese and Tamils ​​is still required to defeat this regime and for the right to self-determination for tamil speaking people to fight.
Now a new horror threatens, with reports that the Rajapaksa Government plans to settle Sinhala people in the east and north of Sri Lanka - in other words, to colonize the areas where Tamil-speaking people are in the majority.
Now a new horror threatens, as reports indicate that the Rajapaksa government is planning to settle Sinhalese in the east and north of Sri Lanka, in other words, colonize the areas where tamil speaking people are in the majority.
The phrase Tamil country is sometimes used to refer to the regions with a significant population of Tamil-speaking people.
A well-known loan word from Tamil is catamaran, from kaṭṭu maram, கட்டு மரம், literally translated "Bund-Baum", i.

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As I said, the bishops adopted the attitude that this problem has arisen because of the legitimate grievances of the Tamil speaking people in Sri Lanka.
As I said, the Bishops take the position that this problem is justified because of the legitimate complaints of the Tamils of Sri Lanka has flared up.
The Tamil speaking people form 12% of the population, and half of them live in the south interspersed among the Singhalese.
As a large number of Tamil speaking people come to us, we have ensured that a Tamil speaking officer is available to speak to them.
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