A Purdue engineering degree is well regarded


Since 1979, three faculty students have traveled to West Lafayette, Indiana every August. There they study two semesters at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University, one of the most prestigious universities in the USA in the field of engineering. With approximately 40,000 students and 3,000 teachers, Purdue University is one of the largest universities in America. Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, also once sat on the bench in Purdue.

With a DAAD scholarship to Purdue

"It is a real opportunity to gain experience abroad and to study and make contacts at a very prestigious university," says Jan Trieschmann, who studied and researched at Purdue University for two semesters from 2009 to 2010. The great thing is that the DAAD scholarship pays a lump sum for travel expenses and tuition fees in the USA for three ETIT graduates every year. There is also a maintenance allowance. This money is also used to finance an apartment and a car. The ETIT graduates share both. Mostly the newcomers buy the household and the car from their predecessors and then pass them on to their successors in the following year.

The preparations

In addition to a very good bachelor's degree and a convincing letter of motivation, good knowledge of English is a basic requirement for an application for a scholarship and admission to the Graduate School of Purdue University. After you have a positive letter of admission in your pocket, the organizational preparations begin, e.g. various proof of insurance and a visa are required.

Good support all round

"The university helps newcomers wherever it can, e.g. when filling out forms for the apartment," says Trieschmann. In addition, Purdue University offers its own health insurance and doctor's office. Welcome events such as a barbecue and a welcome reception make it easier for ETIT students to make their first contacts.

The campus

Purdue University is in West Lafayette. “The campus is like a small park: there are green spaces, a fountain and a bell tower. Inside the building, the university scores with very good technical equipment, ”describes Trieschmann. Leisure activities are also provided. The campus has professional sports facilities such as its own fitness center and a tartan track.

“All in all, my time in Purdue enriched both me and my studies a lot. It's not just the technical aspects that make such a year unforgettable. Above all, it is the exchange with people from the most varied of nations and getting to know a different culture, ”says Trieschmann.