Who Are Some Famous Eagle Scouts

Baden-Powell, also called “BiPi”, was born on February 22nd, 1857 and is the founder of the Boy Scouts.

He grew up in England and showed a great love for nature as a child. He liked to move around in the forest behind his school and practice hide and seek or do gymnastics.

After leaving school, he applied to the English Army and was accepted as the second best applicant. So he came straight to India, where he was in charge of a group of soldiers. In a later deployment in Africa he became world famous by defending the small town of Mafeking with a few men against an overwhelming number of enemies. However, its world fame made the following things happen in the first place.

Baden-Powell wrote a book that he called “Aids to Scouting”. Many young people in England also read this, which is why he wrote another, similar book:

“Scouting for boys”, which translates as “Scouting for boys”. He had previously tried out the rules and ideas that he described in this book with some young people on an island - he founded what we now call “Boy Scout Laws”.

From the many English young people who read “Scouting for boys”, the boy scouts emerged. They called themselves “Boy Scouts”. These Boy Scouts met for a large gathering in London a few years later. There were also girls who called themselves “Girl Scouts”, that is to say “Scout girls”, and thus made it possible for girls to become scouts as well.

From year to year there were more and more scouts worldwide and there were boys and girls in more and more countries who met as scouts. The scouts came to Germany through the translation of “Scouting for boys”, which Dr. Alexander Lion wrote. He also invented the German word “scout” for it.