What is the healthiest oatmeal

Oatmeal: Delicious not only in muesli and porridge

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Whether as muesli or porridge: oats are ideal for a good start to the day, because they are filling and contain many nutrients. The grain is also suitable for sweet desserts and hearty casseroles.

Oats have a permanent place on the breakfast table. In the form of flakes, the grain is an important ingredient in mueslis and porridges. For an oatmeal or a classic Scottish porridge, bring the flakes to the boil with water or milk, allow to swell briefly and serve with fresh fruit, nuts and honey, if you like.

Overnight oats: a quick breakfast and a healthy snack

Porridge tastes particularly good with fresh fruit.

If you don't want to cook in the morning, overnight oats are ideal: Mix the oatmeal with milk the evening before and let it soak in the refrigerator overnight. Mix in the morning with nuts, honey, cocoa powder and chopped fruit only to taste. Tip: For a hearty variant, you can mix the porridge with avocado and boiled egg.

Oatmeal is also suitable for other hearty dishes. Mixed with egg, they make a good base for patties. In casseroles you can simply mix the flakes with the vegetables, pour an egg-milk mixture over the whole thing and bake in the oven.

Mix the oat flour with other flour for baking

Oats are only suitable for baking to a limited extent, as they contain little or no gluten. Oatmeal must therefore be mixed with other types of flour. Cookies made from oat flakes with a little wheat or spelled flour are very tasty. A well-known British dessert made with oats is Apple Crumble. To do this, put the apples cut into small pieces in a baking dish, mix the flakes with butter, flour, sugar and cinnamon to make crumbles and sprinkle over the apples. Then baked in the oven.

Fine and large-leaved flakes: different production

Oatmeal is made from whole grain and is therefore particularly healthy.

To make flakes from the grains, they are first steamed and then rolled. Oat flakes, which are cut into pieces before rolling, are fine-leaved, large-leaved flakes are made from whole grains. Fine-leaved flakes are softer and quickly turn into pulp when liquid is added, large-leaved flakes are pithy and have more bite. Both types can also be combined well with each other.

Healthy and easy to digest

Since the outer layers and the germ of the grains are preserved during rolling, oatmeal is always a whole grain product and as such contains plenty of fiber. That makes them particularly easy to digest. Warm oatmeal is therefore also used as a home remedy for stomach ache. Oats also contain important minerals and vitamins and a lot of protein and are therefore one of the healthiest types of grain.

Since it usually contains little or no trace of gluten, it is also suitable for people with gluten intolerance under certain conditions.

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