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And this year again, Blizzard had a lot to announce, here we have summarized everything from the press conference for you:

A new expansion has been announced for Heartstone: The Grand Tournament, in which everything is about jousting, -the knights are not just ordinary human soldiers, - no, warriors from all corners of the Warkraft universe cavort and hippo-riding gorillas are only the tip of the Iceberg. A new mechanism was introduced to match the knightly atmosphere, the jousting. This is a passive ability that, once triggered, randomly selects a card from players' decks. The player with the more mana-heavy card now wins the joust and is rewarded with a positive effect (e.g. + 2 + 2 for all taunts).

Furthermore, an innovation was made regarding the ranking matches. Many players stopped as soon as they e.g. Rank 10 reached in month XY in order not to relegate and receive the greatest possible reward for that month. In order to let the player still enjoy ranked matches without the fear of being relegated, Heartstone now “remembers” the highest rank a player has achieved in the month and even if the player is now relegated, he will be rewarded for that particular rank at the end of the month.

Heroes of the Storm:
Also for Heroes there is of course an announcement for a new content, because the Ethernal Conflict is far from over. Next, Kharazim the Monk from Diablo 3 will make it into the game. It is a kind of close combat support that can be played in even more ways than all heroes before and so e.g. appear very defensive or extremely offensive.

With it, a new map, the Infernal Shrines, will also reach the battlefields. On it, players have to kill certain enemies at shrines and collect their skulls. The team that collects the most is then supported by a monstrosity from Diablo 3 - the so-called Punisher. Instead of focusing on the destruction of buildings like most other map events, this one will relentlessly hunt down enemy players. And relentless is not said here, the punisher will jump over buildings, ignore attackers or even sprint straight into the enemy core just to bring down his target.

In addition, there is another hero who will go to the Nexus at a later date - Raxxar will be the first ranged warrior in Heroes of the Storm and, accompanied by his bearish animal companion Misha, they will make the Nexus their next hunting area as a deadly duo . Even later, but possibly this year, Artanis will also go to the Nexus, a berserker of the Protoss from Starkraft, who greedily for blood can get into fights very strongly, but will probably only leave them as a winner or a corpse, since he will will have no ability that could bring himself to safety.

And that's not all, because Heroes players can also expect a bunch of new skins (Kharazim, Rexxar, Uther, Thrall, St. Hammer and Tychus). And as if that was still not enough, there are also four new mounts including e.g. a flying doubloon and a treasure goblin.

It took a long time, but now Blizzard has finally released more information about their sci-fi shooter. The game will take place entirely on planet earth, which has changed a lot, since Overwatch is set many years in the future. In this future, humanity will be contacted by a robot species and humans have divided into different factions, based on ideas of how to deal with robots. In Africa, for example, a community has developed that handles machines peacefully and is out for world peace. Here, daily life is characterized by harmony and the cities are largely made of glass and integrated into nature.

In Russia (yes, cliché), on the other hand, a faction has developed that builds giant mechs to fight the robots. There the world has largely developed into an industrialized country and black smoke dominates the sky.

From these two “worlds”, among other things, cards for Overwatch will be created and so there will be a lot of variety in terms of the artwork alone.

A new hero was also announced namely Lucio, the young Brazilian who, impressed by the Overwatch Initiative, started a revolution in his home country and helped people to a better life. In Overwatch, Lucio becomes a fast hero on futuristic roller skates and equipped with a sound cannon. He is able to support his allies through the power of his music and to get to hard-to-reach places through his mobility.

In the frame of Gamescom I was able to play Overwatch myself and not just because we pounded the enemy team to the ground, it showed me that Overwatch plays exactly as I expected - and it's a lot of fun. The gameplay is very fast and can sometimes get quite confusing, but the low life point pool of the characters quickly showed that experienced FPS players have a clear advantage here, because every hero can be knocked down with a few sure hits.

Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void:
With Legacy of the Void comes the second addon for Starcraft 2, and this time everything revolves around the Protoss.

Legacy of the Void will be a standalone addon which brings six new units, a new campaign and two new game modes. On the one hand the previously announced Archon Mode and the Commander Mode, which was playable at Gamescom.

The Commander Mode is a cooperative game mode in which each participant selects a commander with special skills. The players then have to build up their units in the usual Starkraft build up and fulfill various goals, e.g. Intercept trains, survive waves of attack. The commanders themselves play an essential role in who, e.g. Kerrigan chooses as Commander, is able to unleash the Queen of Blades on the battlefield and use her as a powerful support. Jim Raynor, on the other hand, would be the choice for classic strategists, with him players are able to call mercenaries onto the battlefield or request fire support from the flagship. Of course, a Protoss Commander is also represented, Artanis is able to generate strategically usable energy fields for warping units or, more brutally, to tear holes in the ranks of the opponents with an oversized orbital laser.

The Commander Mode was also playable at Gamescom and I also had a lot of fun. It can be used very well for beginners to approach the game on a low level of difficulty, and as a challenge for experienced players to play on a high level of difficulty.