Can I change jobs after PERM approval?

B EU / EFTA permit (residence permit)

B EU / EFTA permit (residence permit)

Resident are foreign nationals who stay in Switzerland for a specific purpose for a longer period, with or without gainful employment.

The residence permit of Nationals of EU / EFTA member states is valid for five years; it is granted if the EU / EFTA citizen provides evidence of permanent employment or employment with a fixed term of at least 365 days. The only exceptions are Croatian citizens (see below).

The residence permit is extended by five years if the foreigner fulfills the requirements. The first time it is extended, however, it can be limited to one year if the person concerned has been involuntarily unemployed for more than twelve consecutive months. Persons without gainful employment from all EU / EFTA states are entitled to a permit B EU / EFTA without gainful employment if they can provide evidence of sufficient financial resources and adequate health and accident insurance.

The admission of Croatian citizens has been regulated in Protocol III to the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons between Switzerland and the EU since January 1, 2017. Croatian citizens receive a B EU / EFTA residence permit to work, provided that they meet the special transitional provisions (maximum numbers and control of priority of nationals as well as wage and working conditions).