Which subjects did you choose in the 11th

Dear future students,
In addition to the regular compulsory subjects, the 11th grade of the technical college one hour of remedial instruction in each of two examination subjects. This should support you in mastering the new challenges.

The choice of both subjects takes place in the first week of school during lessons. So please think about which subjects you want to take in advance.

We offer elective / remedial courses for you in the following four areas:


Mathematics lessons at the FOS require the material from the secondary school leaving certificate (no repetitions) and the speed at which new content is introduced is much faster than in preschools. There are few opportunities to repeat the material in regular lessons. It is also worked with more complex types of tasks that are aimed at understanding or application and are often no longer easily solvable with previously practiced arithmetic methods.

In order to support the students in coping with the new requirements in mathematics, the elective subject pursues the following main objectives:
• Time to clarify questions of understanding and repetition of the material
• Assistance in the approach to tasks
• Strategies for effectively preparing for exams


All subjects at the FOS require that texts of different lengths can be quickly read, understood and comprehensively evaluated. In the age of modern media, however, reading longer texts is unfortunately not always the order of the day, i.e. there is often a lack of practice and routine in dealing with it. In addition to reading comprehension, independent writing of texts is not only required in German. From the 11th to the 13th grade, the complexity and length of the texts to be processed increase.

In order to support the students in coping with the new requirements in German, but also in principle in all subjects, the elective subject pursues the following main goals:
• Improving reading skills
• Effective evaluation of texts, graphics, statistics etc.
• Formulation aids for writing texts
• Vocabulary work to acquire a scientific style of language
• Improvement of the language proficiency
• Practical writing exercises on individual types of school assignments in German


The subject of English presents the 11th grade students with the challenge of suddenly evaluating authentic, longer texts and checking their understanding on the basis of tasks. As a result, there is a large difference in level compared to pre-schools. This gap can only be closed through practice, independent reading and learning of vocabulary.

In order to support the students in coping with the new requirements in English, the remedial lessons have the following main objectives:
• Practice text comprehension tasks
• Vocabulary work
• Evaluation of material
• Writing your own argumentative and descriptive texts (see SA and Abitur)
• Discussion of grammatical peculiarities
• Conversation exercises to prepare for the oral group examination


BWR (for business and administration training) or
IBV (for the international economy course)
In business administration with accounting (BWR) and international business administration and economics (IBV), previous knowledge from the previous schools is a great help for the 11th grade FOS. However, not all pupils have so far attended branches in their predecessor schools that teach this. In addition, new challenges have arisen due to increasingly complex tasks in the course of the new curricula.

In order to support the students in BWR / IBV, the remedial lessons have the following main goals:
• Consolidation and consolidation of the respective learning areas of the subjects BWR and IBV
• Instructions for solving competence-oriented tasks