What are the types of social sciences

Social sciences

1. term: The term social sciences is a collective term for all those scientific disciplines that deal with the phenomena of social coexistence among people. Social sciences are also known as social sciences.

2. characterization: It is difficult to give a general characterization because the various disciplines pursue extremely inhomogeneous research interests, differ greatly in their specialist terminology and the methods used, and handle the weighting of theory and empirical research differently. What they have in common is that their research objects are always also acting subjects in this world. This means that your research results will always be retrospective and the empirical verification of your scientific statements will be difficult.

3. AssociatedDisciplines: The following disciplines are classically included in the social sciences: anthropology (social and cultural anthropology) and social philosophy, social ethics, social history, social psychology, sociology, pedagogy, educational science including social pedagogy, empirical social research, population studies, ethnology (ethnology), anthropogeography, art studies, Cultural studies, religious studies, religious education, law (law), political science (political science), media studies, communication studies, linguistics, economics.

4. Delimitations: With regard to the methods and approaches used, there are overlaps between the social sciences, the humanities and the natural sciences. But while the social sciences focus on the processes of human coexistence, the humanities deal with the cultural products of human existence, such as language, philosophy and mathematics. In contrast, the view of the natural sciences can be characterized as object-related. They try to explain the connections, the structure and the emergence and decay of inanimate and animate nature.