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Blood moon

The Blood moon is a special moon phase in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildwhich appears often in the game. The Blood Moon is a special event that began when the devastation of Ganon returned to Hyrule. Since then there has always been a red moon on different nights. This moon seems to come by chance and is independent of the actual moon phase of Hyrules.


The blood moon is a completely red moon, whose appearance in the night sky is reminiscent of the fiery sun in space. The round, probably magical, moon is surrounded by a red aura that can be seen before the moon rises. As time leans toward midnight, the sky and air turn red and particles fly around. These are reminiscent of a fire, only that they come from above and not from a flame.

The moment the moon has reached its zenith (00:00), the sky turns bright red and Princess Zelda's voice warns Link that the night of the blood moon has come again. On those nights all defeated opponents are breathed new life and they wander through Hyrule again.

Blood moon bugs

The function of the blood moon has already made exploring, as well as fighting, difficult in Breath of the Wild for many players. Every now and then, bugs sneak into the moon's cycle. Bugs are among other things program errors in the programming.[1] On the one hand, it can happen that the blood moon appears twice in a day, and of course during the day too. So it can be that the player experiences a blood moon both at night and while the sun is shining.

However, it is much more annoying when the blood moon comes in while you are in combat with Ganon. If you fight against Ganon at the moment when the blood moon reaches the highest point, the sequence of the blood moon is initiated regardless of losses. It doesn't matter how far you are in the fight against Ganon. After the sequence, the game loads for a while and resets the player to an old score. Speak; the fight is stopped and the fight must be started from scratch.

The aforementioned blood moon bug, which occurs during the final boss fight with Ganon, was quickly fixed by Nintendo. Since an update, the blood moon no longer occurs as long as Link is in Hyrule Castle. However, the sky is still turning deep red. But the cutscene with Zelda doesn't start. As soon as you leave the castle, however, the blood moon comes back as usual.

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  • The blood moon as well as the night of the blood moon take in Breath of the Wild the function of the Respawns emerge. With respawn the re-entry of a character or an NPC in a level of a computer game is called.[2]

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