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Payroll program: software for wages and salaries being tested

providersdescriptionDataline wage deduction ClassicDataline offers a payroll program for online payroll accounting that has to be installed stationary, but can still score points with many online features, such as sending pay slips by email. In addition, there is no grading of prices for Dataline products according to the number of employees. In this way, up to 50 employees can also be processed with the classic wage deduction version.DATEV wages and salaries compactWith this software, the price is graded according to the number of employees. Otherwise you get a good wage program for small businesses with wages and salaries compact, which fulfills the most important functions, but has to be installed stationary.wagesUncomplicated and also suitable for beginners - that is the motto of ilohn salary. In addition to a setup assistant, the wage software offers the most important functions for small businesses that have no special types of employment or special cases among their employees. The price model is fixed and without any contractual obligations.Lexoffice wages & salarieslexoffice Lohn & Salary offers a good range of functions without being expensive. The range of functions enables completely digital payroll accounting and also supports online banking, which can be used to transfer employee remuneration from the program.Lexware wage + salary plus

Lexware lohn + gewalt plus is a well-known payroll software for up to 50 employees, with which you get all the relevant functions that you need for efficient payroll accounting. This means that all types of contracts, special cases and short-time work can be billed easily. There is also a connection to the tax office and all relevant bodies. Machine certificates and a mobile mode round off the range of functions.

Fixed wageThe Lohnfix wage software can be purchased either as fixed software or as a SaaS solution, with the latter incurring € 18 per month at the annual price. However, this option makes the software flexible for every need. Small companies also receive core functions and up to 50 employees can be easily recorded. The software, which looks bulky at first glance, offers good service, but has not been proven to be GoBD-compliant.

Sage Business Cloud Payroll

Sage offers a good salary program for small companies, but the price is only profitable up to a maximum of 5 employees - Sage is no longer advantageous for small companies with 5 or more employees. The good thing about this payroll software is that it is a SaaS solution with which you are not tied to a PC.WISO wages and salariesBuhl's WISO payroll software is a payroll accounting program that is suitable for small companies with up to 15 employees. Despite some shortcomings in comfort and usability, it offers the most important functions and interfaces to do payroll digitally.