Where can I find charitable jobs

Found at kampajobs.de - the right partner ...

if you are an HR manager in a non-profit organization

... and are you looking for campaigners, fundraisers, program or project managers, social media managers or simply bright people with a big heart? Then find over kampajobs.de the people for whom meaningful and sustainable work is more important than money. With us you will meet your target group - people who want to work in a non-profit organization. This saves you a lot of time and effort when selecting applications.
With the online résumé, the online application process and the talent pool is kampajobs.de much more than a pure tendering platform. This is where HR managers and non-profit specialists meet and get to know each other inside and outside of the application process.
We are also happy to report in our magazine about your organization and how you can get started well. Feel free to register kampajobs.de.

You can find our advertising prices for your tenders under "Products". You can also send us your advertisement by email. Then please with the appropriate notes "order" and either "standart" or "refresh" and / or "featured". You can also find out what that means on the product page.

if you are looking for a sustainable job

... and would like to work in the non-profit sector. Foundations, environmental associations, animal welfare organizations, social start-ups, human rights groups, aid organizations, trade unions and church associations offer their vacancies here. You will find job offers with us, for example as campaigners, fundraisers, program or project managers, social media managers, press officers ... and, and and. You can also set up job alerts and post your online résumé. You can then find non-profit organizations with us.

or if you want to know more about working in a non-profit organization.

Find out in magazin.kampajobs.de more about starting a job, for example at Greenpeace. Read about job opportunities in cities like Brussels, Hamburg and Berlin. in the magazin.kampajobs.de you will be informed about job profiles and get ideas and tips about sustainable jobs. You will get information from the working world of civil society and read how you can further qualify.