Where are Bridgestone tires made

Bridgestone tires

Bridgestone is the world's largest tire manufacturer for cars, trucks and buses. The company was founded by Ishibashi Shojiro in Kurume, Japan in 1931 and employs around 137,000 people worldwide. Sales in 2009 were approximately $ 28.2 billion. This makes Bridgestone the world's top-selling tire manufacturer. The name is derived from the English translation of the name Ishibashi, which means something like "stone bridge".

The company began producing and selling bicycles and motorcycles, which was discontinued in 1970. As a result, more and more should be concentrated on tire production. In 1988 the company took over the US tire manufacturer Firestone. Bridgestone employs around 750 people in Germany and is based in Bad Homburg. From 1997-2010 Bridgestone was a very successful tire partner of Formula 1 and is still a supplier to MotoGP and other racing series. In addition to car, commercial vehicle and motorcycle tires, Bridgestone produces golf and tennis items, bicycles and products for the shipping industry.

The Bridgstone tire range includes the perfect tire for every application.

  • BLIZZAK tires bring you safely through the winter
  • POTENZA tires are aimed at customers who are looking for premium sports tires
  • TURANZA product line offers premium touring tires
  • ECOPIA series is characterized by low rolling resistance, which helps to reduce consumption and the CO2 balance
  • DUELER series is aimed at 4 × 4 and SUV customers
  • DURAVIS product range offers hard-wearing and durable transport tires

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