What does a sales engineer do

Career check: what does a sales engineer do?

Presentations and customer meetings in sales are exactly your thing? Do you like to travel the world and are you interested in exchanging ideas with other cultures? Besides, you're a real one Technology freak? Then you bring everything with you Sales engineer excels.

Sales engineers know how to benefit the customer from the Technology of your company convince, and know exactly how to highlight the USP of your product in important negotiations and thus differentiate yourself from the competition on the market. Sales engineers always keep an eye on the interests and needs of the customer.

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What are the tasks of a sales engineer?

  • You lead and present Market analysis
  • Sales engineers work out a Sales strategy
  • You get in touch potential customers on
  • Sales engineers advise and support customers
  • Meetings and presentations plan and carry out
  • Sales engineer acting Prices or contractual stipulations out

What skills does a sales engineer need to have?

As a sales engineer, you move between the disciplines: Economic, legal and psychological skills are just as necessary in this job as well-founded Knowledge of engineering. Complexes technical relationships As a sales engineer, you have to be able to mediate not only internally, but also outside the country. It is therefore only an advantage if you have mastered more than one foreign language. Fluent and subject-specific English is, however, a basic requirement for the profession of sales engineer.

Also are a confident and confident demeanor as well as negotiating skills are essential for the position as sales engineer. How else are you supposed to convince potential customers of your technology? A pronounced one Sales and customer orientation thus form the basis of a sales engineer.

Since you travel a lot as a sales engineer, it is also clearly an advantage if, in addition to technical skills, you also have a high level of self-motivation as well as a sophisticated time management you bring with you. In this way you ensure that, as a sales engineer, you can always approach meetings and presentations in sales professionally.

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How much does a sales engineer earn?

Even the starting salary of a sales engineer is well above average. Depending on the company and industry, there are usually generous bonuses that are measured by your own success in sales. Avoid regular overtime and extended business trips But as a prospective sales engineer you shouldn't have it.

  • Starting salary a sales engineer: € 3,500 to € 4,200
  • Top salary of a sales engineer: 7,000+ €

Infographic: Starting salaries of engineers

How do you become a sales engineer?

If you want to become a sales engineer, you will academic degree in engineering usually not be able to handle. Since there are so far only a few universities and technical colleges with a dedicated course in sales engineering, oftenSpecializations with a focus on economics offered. In addition to technical expertise, these should also impart the necessary commercial skills that a sales engineer needs.

In addition, there are now some interdisciplinary courses, such as:

  • Industrial engineer mechanical engineering (technical sales)
  • Industrial engineering - international technical sales
  • Sales engineering

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But also the Specialization in the master’s degree is a popular alternative to acquire the missing knowledge in (technical) sales. After completing your studies, you will be a prospective sales engineer wide field of application open - so to speak, every conceivable industry that technologically oriented is. The largest are:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Software development
  • Medical technology
  • telecommunications
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