What is the Legion Hacker Group doing

    Watch Dogs Legion has now celebrated its release. Now a real hacker attack is overshadowing the new hacking game from Ubisoft. Has the source code actually been leaked?

    • Watch Dogs: Legion celebrate his Release in the coming month (All about Watch Dogs: Legion).
    • Well lie Extortion attacks against Ubisoft in front.
    • These Hacker group threatens files from Ubisoft to make it public.

    Update from November 04, 2020: We already reported in the original news that a (real) Hacker group to the Source code of Watch Dogs: Legion could have gotten. This now seems to have come true. The Hacking group called "Egregor" threatened at that time Ubisoft with that, the Source code of the game. According to the latest information, the Publisher the Blackmail attempt not followed up. That of all things Hacker game so seems to be hacked.

    The website DSOGaming.com reported that recently 560 GB ended up on several websites under the name "Watch Dogs Legion Sourcecode". The huge amount of data is supposed to be the Source code, as well as the complete Engine of Watch Dogs: Legion contain. A disaster for Ubisoft. So is this assumption confirmed? According to the website, the blackmail and the leak about a truthful incident. Still, you should go for one official message wait, because the "free" access to the Source code would have for Ubisoft fatal consequences.

    #WatchDogsLegion is here and is thrilling the trade press. Are you already part of the resistance? 🐷 pic.twitter.com/fSj71uDxds

    - UbisoftDE (@UbisoftDE) November 1, 2020

    One of those consequences would be that Pirates access to Source code have and so easy Cracks or similar for Watch Dogs: Legion could create. This allows the pirates to prevent the copy protection handle it skillfully and that game even online, illegally to Download to offer. Of course everyone could do that now Source code study more closely, see what Ubisoft and draw their own conclusions from it. Modders, but also others Game developer, could use this to their advantage. Nevertheless, caution is advised: Ubisoft would have the right to target these unlawful users of the Source codes to sue, so stay away from it yourself Source code to let.

    First report from October 16, 2020: Toronto, Canada - Shortly before the Release of Watch Dogs: Legion at the October 29, 2020 is it about that Action adventure game got loud again. Unfortunately not with new ones Details or a trailer for that game, but with a suspected Hacker attack on the Developer Ubisoft. This should be badly blackmailed and Data to the hacker have lost. Still answered Ubisoft not about the incident.

    Release (date of first publication)October 29, 2020
    seriesWatch dogs
    platformPlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows
    developerUbisoft Toronto
    genreAction adventure

    Watch Dogs Legion: Blackmail attack on Ubisoft - hackers threaten the worst

    The information the buisness technology news website zd.net is supposed to judge Ubisoft from a so-called Ransomware gangthat the name Egregor wearing, chopped have been. Ransomware is one of Hackers often used blackmail trojan or blackmail software. Claimed using this method Egregor now to internal data two big ones Game developer to have come. These companies are supposed to Ubisoft and Crytek be. The hacker are now also threatening the Source code of Watch Dogs: Legion to publish.

    The Data of the companies should since Tuesday on the website of the Ransomware gang lie. Exact Details, as the hacker to the Data remain unclear. Gangs like Egregor are known for it Data from large corporations too steal and then read them out. Most of the time they get caught and kicked out of the network before they do Data can take. Nevertheless blackmail they mostly the Companies and ask for moneyto the alleged Files not to leak. A similar scenario could occur with Ubisoft's Watch Dogs: Legion have occurred.

    Watch Dogs Legion: Blackmail attack on Ubisoft - This is what hackers are supposed to have in terms of data

    The hacker should one Amount of data of 20 MB of Ubisoftleaked to have. So it would have hit her significantly less than Crytekwhere whole 300 MB at Data leaked should have been. As I said Egregor shortly before Release of Watch Dogs: Legion to the Source code have come. These Data should also be on the website of the Hacking group have been posted. However, from this information it is impossible to determine whether the Files of the new one game rather than from an existing one Release.

    This is not the first scandal Ubisoft's Watch Dogs: Legion, this year a Holocaust reference in the trailer caused criticism Ubisoft. And there were reports already last year Vulnerabilities at Ubisoft. So many employees of Ubisoft have been phished according to the security officer. Ubisoft did not really take note of these warnings. Does the studio pay the qutting for it now?

    So far, neither have Ubisoft still Crytek reported on the alleged hacker attacks. Also, you can't find any oddities at all Ubisoft find that there are no unusual downtimes or the like. In email correspondence with ZDNet should the Egregor corridor said they had that Ubisoft network attacked, but only data stolen and none Files of Company encrypted. In addition to the Hacker attacks Ubisoft also has to deal with an abuse scandal at the moment.

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