Zumba is a good workout for teenagers

What is Zumba?

ZUMBA® is a Latin American-inspired dance-fitness workout, which is composed of Latin American and international music and dance movements - a dynamic, inspiring and effective fitness system!

In this workout format, fast and slow rhythms are combined on the basis of aerobics in order to achieve a unique balance of muscle building and definition as well as improving physical condition.

ZUMBA® integrates some basic principles of aerobics, interval and resistance training to maximize fat burning, strengthen the cardiovascular system and build muscle.

The dance moves, which are based on conditioning, are easy to learn steps that promote muscle building in the buttocks, legs, arms, core, abdominal muscles, as well as the most important muscle in the whole body - the heart.

Both dancers and non-dancers can follow a Zumba workout immediately and easily, as you don't have to be a dancer to successfully participate in ZUMBA®. ZUMBA® creates a party atmosphere that encourages non-dancers, beginners and shy people to take part in a group workout.

At the same time, experienced athletes and dancers enjoy the variety - they can train in a healthy, cheerful and party-like environment. All participants feel comfortable because they can just join in and enjoy the party. The passionate and explosive rhythms of Latin American and international music speak for themselves and motivate the participants during the workout - you always want to come back!