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Records on Steam: The 10 games with the highest number of players

We take a look at the games that have seen player numbers skyrocketing on Steam in recent years.

Steam has grown to be the most popular in recent years largest collection of PC games blossomed at all. Every year thousands upon thousands of new titles find their way onto Valve's platform, but by no means all of them make it into the limelight. Most of them simply disappear behind true blockbusters with thousands of players.

We have summarized the Steam games with the largest number of players for you, including a few titles that no one would have expected. The results are based on statistics from Steamcharts.com. Incidentally, the players who were active at the same time were measured here: Our ranking is thus staggered according to which games at a point in time X were able to captivate most people in front of the screen.

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Last update: 1.09.2020
New added: Postal, Terraria
Updated: All current placements

10th place: Monster Hunter: World

9:18 am Monster Hunter: World - test video: An almost perfect grind feast for the PC

  • Highest number of players: 329.333
  • Genre: Action RPG
  • Developer: Capcom

When was the high point?

Monster Hunter: World is the first game on the list and had its highest player count to date in the first month it was released. In August 2018 put the game with 329,333 simultaneous playersthe most successful launch of the entire year and therefore ranks 10th among the Steam games with the most players of all time.

How is it now?

Currently, the role-playing game is still played up and down. The numbers always fluctuate between 30 and 40 thousand players. The last big impact came as a little surprise to the release of the new Iceborn expansion, which was released on the PC on January 9, 2020.

9th place: Kathy Rain

1:58 am Kathy Rain - Launch trailer for the 90s adventure game

  • Highest number of players: 336.132
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Developer: Clifftop Games

When was the high point?

The first surprise on this list is the point and click adventure Kathy Rain. The charming game from the studio Clifftop Games is anything but a magnet for gamers and yet it seems to exude enough charm to convince several thousand Steam users at least for a while.

Kathy Rain owes its place on this list to a Steam promotion in May 2019 that made the adventure free for a short time. The detective story in the pixel look may attract far fewer people at the normal retail price, but at least during this time it was enough for an impressive 336,132 simultaneous players.

How is it now?

Kathy Rain then quickly lost to simultaneous players. The game now only has an average of 40 players per day.

8th place: Hitman 2

10:53 Hitman 2 test video - Finally a good stealth game again!

  • Highest number of players: 356.867
  • Genre: Action
  • Developer: IO Interactive

When was the high point?

After the publisher Square Enix parted ways with the development studio IO Interactive, it was questionable for a while how the Hitman series would continue. Fortunately, the rights to the franchise remained with the developers and so, with the support of Warner Bros., Hitman 2 was created, which, like its predecessor, was very well received.

Despite the large fan base, it also took a small free campaign in December to catapult the game into the midfield of this record list. A total of 356,867 players took the opportunityto slip into the role of Master Assassin 47 and rid the world of some extremely dubious subjects.

How is it now?

Hitman 2 is still popular on Steam, even if it's no longer at the top. As a rule, the daily players fluctuate between 1,800 and 2,500 on a monthly average. The third part does not appear immediately on Steam, by the way, but only lands in the Epic Store.

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