How good is an IIT computer engineer

We list more than 20 courses of study in the field of computer science & IT. An important industry that has many future courses in its repertoire, such as data science, but also classics such as computer science or business informatics.

Degree programs in this subject area

Degree programs from the Department of Computer Science & IT in detail: Read more about the content, requirements and costs of the individual degree programs and find the right university for you right away.

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A degree in computer science & IT

Goodbye nerd image: Computer science is one of the most promising industries there is. Digitization continues and the demand for experts in big data, programming or artificial intelligence is increasing in almost all areas. You can therefore take different directions within computer science: There are courses that train you in the classic information science field. Computer science and IT security are still popular courses here. In the course of digitization, however, new courses of study are also emerging: These include games or digital engineering, data science or mobile computing, for example.

Career & salary in the field of computer science & IT

Since IT experts are desperately needed, with a degree in this area you can almost certainly assume that you will find an interesting and well-paid job afterwards. Of course, the salary always depends on your qualifications and the respective company, but in principle you can be optimistic, as nowadays hardly any industry can do without qualified IT professionals.