Why did you settle in Tirupati


With all the wanderlust and the joy of being in foreign countries, we always like to be at home.

This is not a coincidence, because everything that defines life in our haven of peace is actually coherent and suits us. Had it been otherwise, we would have left our tents long ago and settled elsewhere. No problem if you have the privilege of being able to choose your place of residence regardless of employers and financiers. Those who struggle with their environment often know exactly what bothers them most. But you should also be aware, if you like to live in your place, what you like best about it and, like us, enjoy your life.

Despite its proximity to a remarkable metropolis, namely the city Hamburg, which is less than 25 minutes away, our closer environment is not urban. We call it “Our Village” for the sake of simplicity. How is it there? Well, just like that:

I.n our village - leave the village by the church and not the church in the village.

This has to do with a special feature: First the baptistery was built here in the Carolingian era, then the place was formed. The church, which is named after St. Mauritius, patron saint of the army and the armory, looks so neat with its brick walls and separate wooden tower that many bride and groom get married there. Where else can you get such beautiful motifs.

Maybe at the registry office at the other end of the street, which doesn't have to hide.

In our village - anyone can easily find out how long it has been around.

It was first mentioned in a document in 1107. Then a certain Henry the Lion found the place so popular that he bought it in 1156. Nobody needs to remember this because the year of foundation is engraved on the boulder near the church. What is that used for? Well, a good reason would be to look forward to the next milestone birthday because of the party that is coming up.

In our village - it is really good to eat,

because Ronald did not set up a branch here with the meatballs and we prefer to leave the catering to seasoned restaurateurs, who elegantly and skillfully ensure that the guest, Italy melts in the mouth. And optically, a restaurant like this looks much more impressive than a fast food store under the yellow arch.

In our village - you have no waiting times at the office,

when the ID needs to be renewed or the usual administrative knick-knacks that accompany a bourgeois life. You are leanly organized and efficient. The village even dispenses with policewomen and their tickets, which are actually only available elsewhere.

In our village - we buy flowers directly from the field,

the farmers and their customers are happy because everyone personally cuts the bouquet of their choice and throws their mites into the cash box. By the way, the business model works. If you don't feel like cutting flowers, you will be happy to see the colorful surfaces, where else do you have something like that for free.

In our village - there is more graffiti than anywhere else.

First the kids from the youth fire brigade and the artists from the “Farbwelten” studio group in Haus Huckfeld, an institution that shows how inclusion can help enrich our lives. The cheeky pictures make waiting for the bus a pleasure and get you in the mood for the colorful train station. But that's not all, with us even the public garbage cans are little works of art and, most recently, the power distribution boxes.