What are some wedding game suggestions

Top 15 wedding games & surprises according to the registry office

With the walk from the registry office, the nervous tension of the bride and groom falls away - after the touching yes, the relaxed part of the wedding celebration begins.

What better way to start the party with friends and family than with some fun wedding games as a surprise after the registry office? Now the only thing left to do is look for the right surprise for the registry office ...

We have the top 15 wedding games for you, because the registry office or church are the ideal starting point for a few nice program items that delight guests and the bride and groom at the same time.

Who wants to come out of the registry office or church and nobody has prepared anything? Show your bridal couple that you have thought about the fun factor at the wedding and prepare a nice game or two after the registry office. This makes the champagne reception much more entertaining!

From the classic wedding games to one or the other somewhat unusual game for the registry office, we have listed the best ideas for the civil ceremony here.

1. Registry office surprises

Looking for a cool surprise for the registry office? Then we have a few romantic, funny and wonderful ideas for your creative surprise after the registry office:

Stand in line at the registry office

For the bride and groom to stand in line after the wedding is a wonderful greeting and creates a party mood.

If the bride or groom is in an association, the best surprise after the registry office is that association members stand in line. For example, tennis rackets or other objects can be held up.

Alternatively, the trellis with red roses & wedding walls is a great photo opportunity and highlight after the civil ceremony.

Throw rice / rose petals

One of the most popular customs according to the registry office is tossing rice - according to wedding customs, rice is symbolic of fertility.

However, many municipalities prohibit the throwing of grains of rice and it is not entirely safe (risk of injury to the eyes, etc.).

That is why we always advise you to use biodegradable rose petals. Or you use loud rose cannons - but then please don't forget a broom and a dustpan! Also Soap bubbles are a great idea.

Let helium balloons rise

This wedding game according to the registry office is not a task, just a special experience. Letting red helium balloons rise is a romantic gift for the newlyweds and a good way to end the games in front of the registry office.

But ATTENTION: helium balloons are unfortunately a bad decision for our environment. Read our alternatives here:

Throwing bridal bouquet with a difference

Brides are usually a little sad when it comes to throwing the bridal bouquet.

Since this wedding custom in Germany is so beautiful after the registry office, puns like the somewhat different bridal bouquet are the best wedding surprises at the registry office.

With our DIY instructions you can make the sweet bouquet with veil yourself in no time at all and have a really cool registry office surprise!

Funny newlyweds balloons

This sweet balloon bride and groom give the newlyweds a great reception.

The two are perfect photo props and also serve as pretty decorations in the wedding location.

Tip: If they lose some gas after a few days, you can blow in more air with a straw and they are very decorative for a few more days!

Sand ceremony as a romantic addition

Usually the civil wedding is not very romantic. That is why the sand ceremony is an ideal registry office surprise!

To do this, set up a table and place a large, decorative container on it. There are also two half-sized vessels with decorative sand in two different colors (e.g. the wedding colors).

Now the bride and groom pour several layers of their sand color one after the other into the large glass. The result is a beautiful pattern and the meaning that the bride and groom cannot be separated any more than these grains of sand.

Wedding games registry office or church

Whether after the wedding in the registry office or in the church - after the official part is done, the bride and groom can play a little exuberantly. From the classics to new ideas, here are some suggestions for you:

Wedding heart to cut out

Almost every bride and groom expects a large bed sheet with a red heart when leaving the registry office or church. The newly married couple now has to use nail scissors to show how well they work together. The task: cut out the heart!

All guests cheer and cheer for the couple so that the groom can then carry the bride through his heart. A simple and fast game that provides nice photo opportunities and a lot of fun.

Saw a tree trunk for the wedding

Another classic is sawing through a tree trunk as a surprise after the registry office. The bridal couple should saw through a tree trunk with a more or less blunt saw - also to demonstrate teamwork and interaction. Patience is also required and a lot of cheering on the guests.

Important: The trunk shouldn't be too thick so that it stays fun and doesn't degenerate into work.

Wedding piñata

If the guests linger in front of the registry office for a while, you can present a wedding piñata there as well. The funny wedding game and wedding present at the same time ensures a good mood and is still relatively unknown.

You can find out more about how the piñata works and where you can buy beautiful piñatas in our detailed article:

Plant a tree

If there is a little more space in front of the town hall, the popular wedding custom “planting a tree” can also be practiced here.

You need a large pot, a seedling (e.g. sequoia), gloves, aprons, potting soil and, if necessary, a table. Ideally, you hide everything in a car, which drives up to the town hall square shortly after the civil ceremony.

Newlyweds crossword puzzle

Perfect wedding game for the registry office champagne reception:

Create an individual crossword puzzle with personalized questions about the bride & groom. All guests can now take part in the puzzle (ideally there are enough standing tables on site).

You can determine your own set of solutions for the profit. So you have a great pastime and fun in one.

With our partner you can easily create a personalized crossword puzzle.

Creative guest book with fingerprints

If all wedding guests are already there at the civil ceremony, then this wedding game after the registry office is great:

All guests leave their fingerprints on a pretty canvas and thus ensure a great memento of the wedding.


With flippers and boxing gloves

Better not in a bikini, but in a wedding dress the bride has to wear a pair of flippers in this example of funny wedding games at the registry office.

In addition, you need 1 € and 2 € pieces for this wedding game, which you fill in some balloons and blow up.

In a demarcated area in front of the registry office, the bride can break the balloons with flippers. Then the groom collects the coins with boxing gloves (thick winter gloves are also possible).

A funny picture for the guests and also a nice additional cash injection for the bride and groom after they have completed their joint task.


Blind car racing

Do you have a lot of space in front of the registry office? Perfect! Blindfold the bridegroom and set up a small course made of construction site hats or buckets.

He can now take a seat on a bobby car or something similar. The bride then guides him through the course and receives him at the finish line. The guests can be curious to see how well the couple works together.

Afterwards, other couples are welcome to try.

Wedding raffle to the registry office

This funny wedding game immediately increases the mood after the registry office (e.g. at a champagne reception) and also increases the travel budget for the bride and groom.

There are fun prizes to be won, e.g. an instant camera (small mirror) or a key to the new car (shopping cart chip).

Wedding game dispute box

In this wedding ritual, the bride and groom are prepared for their first argument as a married couple. In advance you need either a love letter from the bride & groom or a list of 10 reasons why you married your partner.

The love letters are festively sealed in a pretty box with a bottle of the finest wine. This box may only be opened again during the first marital dispute.

Wedding magician

The appearance of a wedding magician can be a great surprise!

Sounds like a children's birthday party at first, but if you hire a good wedding magician, you will be surprised what an exciting and funny show he delivers.

It is best to have a look at our article, because we have experienced a wedding magician ourselves and can only recommend you to give it a try.

Additional idea: Extraordinary wedding surprise after the registry office

Would you like to prepare a surprise for the bride and groom instead of a wedding game after the registry office?

Do you also know a choir or do you have many musically gifted friends and acquaintances?

Then the following romantic wedding surprise would be perfect for the moment when the newlywed couple comes from the registry office or from the church.

There is a wonderful scene in the film "Actually ... Love": After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are surprised by a choir whoAll you need is love“Sings and is accompanied by some musicians who suddenly appear between the guests. A great moment for the bride and groom and guests - the time Tears of joy handkerchiefs unpack again!

You can watch the scene from the film here:

And here's how it was done at a real wedding:

Tip at the end: The reward

After successfully completing the game, the bride and groom have of course earned your gift as a reward! A particularly great gift is this cute wedding pillow, where the boxes are made of banknotes - creative and surprising!

If you already have a wedding present, you will find many more ideas for a nice reward for the bride and groom here for less than € 20:

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