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You can find whiskey and whiskey with us since 1998! Even if our range now includes much more than whiskey, we still consider whiskey to be our defining product - and you will find over 800 different ones with us. So that you do not lose the overview, here is a short "quick start" in the World of whiskey.

History of whiskey

WHISKEY - Once referred to as "the water of life", the alcoholic drink is now one of the most complex alcoholic specialties worldwide. Whiskey serves two completely opposing images: on the one hand as a widely used national drink, on the other hand as a stylish luxury item that every now and then delights the palate as a fine drop with its variety of flavors. Who invented whiskey - Scots or Irish - has not yet been conclusively clarified. What is certain is that it was Christian monks who came to the Celtic country in the 5th century and brought the art of distillation with them. The clear distillate was called "aqua vitae" (water of life) for many years and served medicinal purposes.


The Celtic term for whiskey was "uisghe beatha". And because the English found it difficult to pronounce Gaelic, "uisghe" gradually became the term whiskey. In the last few years in particular, whiskey has once again increased in popularity. Scotland is known worldwide as a stronghold of whiskey production with an enormous selection of blended malt scotch and single malt scotch whiskey. Malt whiskey consists of 100% malted barley (malt English for malt) and is considered particularly stylish. The taste palette of the different whiskey regions ranges from slightly fruity nuances to strongly peaty and smoky characters. Compared to whiskey from Scotland, Irish whiskey is famous for having a slightly oily and smooth body.

Whiskey vs. whiskey

The whiskey from Ireland differs only slightly in the manufacturing process from the Scottish whiskey and the differentiated spelling with "e". Scottish whiskey has experienced a real boom in the USA since immigrants from Scotland and Ireland immigrated in the 18th century. The beginning of whiskey turned out to be problematic because barley (the main component of whiskey) was difficult to grow. In the search for a suitable alternative, the focus was on rye and corn, which still make up the majority of American whiskeys today. Lovers will find a variety of bourbon whiskey (Jim Beam, Wild Turkey), Tennessee whiskey (Jack Daniels), rye whiskey (Rittenhouse) and corn whiskeys. The diversity of the art of whiskey distilling has expanded over the years - the most famous whiskeys are:

Canadian whiskey (Canadian Club) and Japanese whiskey (with 5 distilleries including Yamazaki and Nikka). Whiskey is also widely produced in Europe, South Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Buy whiskey online

With us you will find an extensive selection of whiskey and whiskey. Our online shop is clearly laid out and easy to use. Can't decide which whiskey to buy? We are happy to help! In addition to the whiskey brands such as Ardbeg or Jack Daniels, we offer you an exclusive selection of other alcoholic beverages. Let yourself be invited to take a stroll through the aromatic and high-proof world of whiskeys, scotchs & Co. from A-Z. Our wine range from selected wineries, with multiple award-winning wines, also reflects the dreams and visions of the winemakers.

Delicious extras to go with the whiskey

With the first click in our exclusive whiskey range and the expressive top products from small enjoyment factories that meet the highest quality standards, our customers feel the right foretaste of upcoming delights: Order delicious chocolate ("sweet temptation"), tea "with your whiskey in with the wisdom of Asia ", original Italian pasta, fine fruit spreads made from" sun-kissed fruits ", aromatic Cuban cigars and ... and ...

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Payment can easily be made against prepayment, credit card, Clickandbuy and cash on delivery. We guarantee fast shipping within a few days for items available from stock and free shipping from 77 euros. Shipping costs outside of Germany: We also deliver to Austria for an extra charge of only 1.90 euros per shipment.