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Disable network throttling in Windows

Roland Freest

Windows tries not to use too many resources when managing network traffic. How to fix throttling.

EnlargeDisable network throttling in Windows

The transfer of data over the network loads the CPU. However, Windows ensures that other running processes are not impaired or run slower even with large downloads and high transfer speeds. In this way it can happen that network transmissions run slower than they should actually be.

However, if you are doing large downloads on your own PC, for example, you can set it so that the network always has priority over other processes. To do this, you have to make a change to the registry database: Type regedit in the input field on the taskbar and open the registry editor.

Click through to the folder

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Multimedia \ SystemProfile.

Double click on the entry "NetworkThrottlingIndex". If it does not yet exist, you have to create it: Click with the right mouse button in the right half of the window, go to “New -› DWORD value (32-bit) ”and give the value the name“ NetworkThrottlingIndex ”( Throttling means throttling in German). Open the entry, enter “ffffffff” as the value and confirm with “OK”. This releases the network brake, which on older, less well equipped computers can mean that other applications run significantly slower with large data transfers.

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